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Highfield levers for corsair/F 27 or larger.

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Corsair/Farrier trimarans  require the shrouds be slacked off about 8 inches in order to fold them.  In the past they used highfield levers to accomplish the task quickly.  What are you all doing now that those levers are no longer available?  Or am I just wrong about them being unavailable?

If anyone has old lever arrangements in storage, I might be interested in acquiring them from you...even if they are unusable.

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Most folks have gone to synthetic shrouds and use lashings to loosen/tighten.    A lot of folks use colligo fittings to make the shroud tightening/loosening easier.  Hi-fields are still available, though, if you have wire shrouds, just gotta do a search.  

F27s, though, never needed hifields because they used a tightening cascade to pull the shroud aft and tighten/loosen rig for different sailing conditions (not a rotating mast).

First couple minutes of this video shows what I use on my small trimaran.  



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