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Excellence IN YACHT Design series episode no. 69 with HOT ROD

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Yo Bob, just a suggestion


well unlike MOST here

he Actually Did Design and Build a err umm ah

Well it Was Bigger that most Anyone around here has ever owned

And Actually left under the GG Bridge for "The LIFE" of a Hawaiian

as per records of USCG he must still be under-way (nothing to the contrary)

and nothing identifiable found upon any shore

H.R. is less than a 1%'er having done  what others only dream of 

What the fuck he wanted, on his terms

sick, twisted & ill-fated as it may have been

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53 minutes ago, Bob Perry said:

Yeah, I remember Hot Rod. What a tragic chapter that was. I was torn between hoping for his success and hoping for a disaster. I would not want to do that interview. The only question I can come up with is "WTF did you think you were doing?"

Newfy mudder.jpg

"THAT" is the ONLY Question

from there you could go walk yer DoG of chop sum wood

and Hot Rod likely would Go Off/On for 36 hours

explaining the unimaginable


Oh Fuck ... 1 more Question .... Did ElMurry (shpelling ?) go down with the Shit .. I mean ship ?

oh and was the Harliesky insured

I think Guy La Douche still owns the intellectual rights to what is left of The (C) Flyin Hawaiian drawings

I heard Hot Rod made a 4'X8' Hard Copy

but failed to use Green Board so the plans are kinda moldy and curled

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