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Important holiday reminders

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First, not that tomorrow is National Buy Nothing Day, be sure to celebrate it. 

Something for the Weekend: National Buy Nothing Day | The Womens Room

And to help you get into the spirit here is a century old Ode from the lefties of that era . .  


In days of old the turkey fat,

Was eaten by the lord;

‘Twas raised by cowed and ignorant serfs

To grace his festive board.


And when the feast was over,

And gluttons had their fill,

In refuse pot the bones were dumped

And workers ate the swill.


Today the system’s changed in name.

The facts aren’t changed a speck.

The capitalists eat the choicest parts,

While the workers get the neck.


When Socialist laws shall come in play,

We’ll show the useless drones.

The working man will eat the meat,

While the shirker sucks the bones.


— G. H. L.



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11 hours ago, Snaggletooth said:

Haive a Happey Thackesgiveng!                                       :)

Thhhhaaaannnkkksss !  youuuuuu tooooo ! 

I did OK this year - recovered from the turkey coma in just a few hours 

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9 minutes ago, AJ Oliver said:

And it was my honor and privilege to share a fine traditional meal with a loving family. 

Although I must say that several of my most fondly remembered TKS GVS 

were helping with food at various community events 

like this one 


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OK y'all it is 30 minutes until the official start of 

National Buy Nothing Day !! 

A wag of my acquaintance once observed that shopping is the most deadly addiction (for a variety of reasons). 

Don't let it happen to you  !! 

News Rounds: Global Buy Nothing Day Competes With Black Friday -  Humanosphere

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1 hour ago, AJ Oliver said:



That kid best keep his tie out of the turkey sauce 

Aracta, CA  great town 

If they all leave and go to Texas, I'll move there in a heartbeat !! 

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