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The True God is finally coming forth and speaking. Where better to do so than PA. 

“There are too many people. You are destroying the planet. It will take a while to get the numbers back down but it is time to start sincerely working on diminishing the population. 
For the short term the tools will be birth control, abortion, processed foods, COVID, high fructose corn syrup, and encouragement to have abortions.”

”Those who participate in the process of using sun snd moon driven energy sources will be given favorable survival consideration when the next population reducing pandemic begins.”

”Clothing is like a barbed wire fence, it should accomplish the job without blocking the view. “

”Republicanism is a sin.”

Hell only almost exists

”Creation of the noises which are known as country music, rap, easy listening, soft jazz, or Christian rock, is a sin”

”There is no afterlife.”

”Elvis is dead”

”The Trashmen were correct. The bird is the word.”

”Don’t mess with the cleavage thread”

”the Golden Rule actually is a rule.”

”mast abeam needs to be re-inserted in the rules”

”UF and UT football teams are being punished for overpopulating, land mastication, and republicanism.”

”All angels cold  fit on the head of a pin because there aren’t any angels.”

”It was Mary Ann, unless it was Ginger.”

”The Who is neither on first nor in Grant’s tomb”

”Gouvernail is right”

”The foot to success is absolutely not labeled push. It opens when it opens and you will either get in or not depending on a myriad of factors none of which has diddly to do with trying harder than anybody else or bring more brilliant than anyone else.  Fundamental application of normal talents may or may not even be necessary. The only key is timing, which you cannot control.”

”Praying is an individual’s  attempt to coach God.”

“The egg came first. It’s contents held a mutation”

”Quit questioning the motives of fowl who cross roads”

“OJ did it.”

”Hillary used Email”

”Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame”

”Pele was the best so far”

”Sammy Baugh is the GOAT”

”Bleeping out individual words because some nincompoop finds them to be offensive is a sin.  It is FUCK not F bomb. “

“The Ridgeline and F-35 each suck”

More to come 








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