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Favorite line for adjustable trapeze 2:1 w/clamcleat?

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Short version: do you have a line that you really like for 2:1 trapeze setups on the usual Clamcleat CL253? Tell me all about it! 

Long version: On my Nacra 15 the adjustable line of the trapeze setup is lots of things. Nice is not on the list. I recently hopped on a different boat that has a light and supple line for this, didn't get too deep in the groove, it was nice! For various reasons I could not get intel on what line is. This  made me realize I've never had a really good line for my trapezes in the few boats where I've trapezed.

It'd be nice to get, and it's a limited length so can absorb some cost per foot if it's extra nice.

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2nd the Marlow. It's dense so it holds well and stands up to UV incredibly well. I'm in the process of restoring a 25 year old 14 and it's loaded with the Marlow pre stretch everywhere. I know it's original because I owned this boat previously. I was shocked it's still holding up.

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I used 6mm pre-stretched 8 plait for a long time. Cheap and grips well in cleat. We used 5mm for most of 2022 for crew felt it was a bit thin on our 1:1 system (actually 2:1, most 2:1 systems people refer to are actually 3:1 but anyway)

But since last November switched to 4mm dyneema doubled up, which makes about 6mm. I thought it would a bit slippy but was actually great from the first sail. Main advantage is you can get rid of some knots. 


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