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East Coast Yard Re-Fit Recommendations

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Looking for recommendations for a yard that could do a complete gut job/re-design of the interior in an early '70s plastic classic 34 footer. Other than the engine and the electrical system (which are both in good shape), pretty much everything else would be removed and the interior re-designed somewhat. So I am looking for a shop that can give some thoughtful effort to the interior design issues, as space will be tight.

The boat is in the NYC area, so someplace not too far from there would be preferable, but could also deliver it farther afield if need be. Goal would be to have this work done over the 2022/2023 winter. Any suggestions welcome.

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Dare I ask "why"?

The costs would likely be more then buying a boat that is in better shape / closer to what you want... especially with the labor costs in the tri-state area.

I refer to the folks that do similar for airstream trailers.  A custom rebuild actually costs more than a brand new one.

So the next question is what is your budget?  Are you trying to save money over a newer boat, or is this more about getting exactly what you want, cost being secondary?

As my wife always asks - "what's the mission?"


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^ This.

The yard owner who built my first hull did an extensive refit of his self built 38'.

He said it would have been faster and easier to build a new boat.

Writing cheques for an extensive rebuild of a boat is guaranteed to be far more expensive than any other method of acquiring a boat.

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