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The Excellence in Yacht Design series will host Kiwi designer Kevin Dibley

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Friday 12-10 on the Robert Perry fan Club FB page Kevin Dibley will be our guest with a presentation of his work. This will be the 7th presentation in this series. I just kind of made up the idea one morning. I thought it would be fun and add some spice to my fan club page which was becoming a bit boring. So far the series has been amazing and you can see the previous presentations on Youtube. We have Bill Lee and Bruce King coming up along with a surprise. This has nothing to do with me. I just introduce the guest designer and then get out of the way and let them take over the fan club page for as long as they like. Charley Morgan went three hours.

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Got through most of the Morgan and Holland presentations. Funny that Holland asked Morgan for permission to go to Italy and Charlie said no.

Also interesting that Laurie Davidson flew back from Tahiti barefoot, t shirt and shorts with a paper bag in hand with his life possessions in it as luggage! 

Things you won’t hear anywhere else!!

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I watch on YouTube. I don’t know how many people participate on the FB site, but there must be a lot more than you see in the zoom window. Either way, these presentations are really interesting, so you shouldn’t miss it out on them.

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I definitely want to watch the Kevin Dibley interview.   Here are the links to previous interviews

Charlie Morgan - Morgan Yachts, America's Cup and a lot more. Over three hours! 

Charlie Morgan

Rob Ball - C&C Yachts

Rob Ball

Ron Holland

Yves Marie Tanton

Julian Everitt


I could not find an interview with Laurie Davidson on Youtube

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6 hours ago, Rasputin22 said:

Did anyone get an invite?

You might get one if you are on Bob’s Facebook fan club.Think Bob invites everyone through a thread here. I haven’t been involved with FB for a while. I’ll have to get on board so I can ask some questions and get straight answers from the leaders in the industry. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to yacht design and innovation, but I sure appreciate intelligent thought and risk taking!

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The link to the series is posted on my fan club page. We had a great time with Kevin yesterday. We had a good crowd. Kevin was a window into the Kiwi world of yacht design. He worked with Laurie Davidson for 20 years doing all Laurie's working drawings. He had some great stories.

The presentation will be posted on Youtube soon. If I remember I'll post the Youtube link here. But it would be easier if you just paid attention to the posts on the fan club page yourself. The Bill Lee and Bruce King episodes should be memorable.

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