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Christmas Lights

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see these are giving me ideas for the boat for next year

Have a Very Pink Floyd Christmas with this Dark Side of the Moon  Tree-Topper | Make:

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2 hours ago, PhilipNZ said:

Our place in Whitianga NZ





Your electric meter needs a break.

electric meter GIFs - Primo GIF - Latest Animated GIFs


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19 minutes ago, Son of a Sailor said:


Not lights but I'm definitely stealing this idea!

Careful now, that tree is on starboard.

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Life hack...
Best thing I did when we got this house 18 yrs ago was to utilize wreaths...  I made them myself over the years from a Michaels blanks and other christmassy stuff..   They hang in the garage all year and literally only take 1/2 hr to put up.  Would be quicker if I did not have to use ladders and get cords over doorways, but it is by far the quickest/easiest way to cover alot of space with minimal time.   

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A few blocks from my house is “Miracle on 34th Street”, in Baltimore. Started in 1947. They now have an HOA that specifies only that you have to decorate if you buy a house on that block. I do know of a tour bus that makes an annual trip from SW Virginia to 2 places - this block and Rockefeller Center. 


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