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Help find parts for Fireball boom repair- Proctor spars

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I picked up a Fireball mast and boom locally and need the following bits for the boom:

Sliding gooseneck- the hole in the boom is square so I assume the pin on the gooseneck will be the same..

Outhaul turning block.


I checked the current spares on the proctor site and they do not match this vintage of spars. Can I retrofit? Maybe find more generic parts?


Advice welcome!




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Selden bought Proctor and probably the best retro fit source. There is an old style gooseneck pin here. But you will need to replace the slider with one of the fixed brackets. 
Outhaul will be a challenge as there doesn’t appear to be anything for a round section. 


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Thank  you both!

The section is 2.5".


Rigrite has slides but looks like what I need is no longer available:


Small Slide & Gooseneck Ass'y for Proctor Standard Boom: PRS 89-40ASG:
Special Small SS Gooseneck Slide Assembly to fit Proctor Dingy Masts with unmodified track, and Booms with standard 1/2" Square hole in boom end. Investment Cast SS Assembly features large captive Thumbscrew to allow for quick Boom height adjustment. Slide is (maximum) 2 13/16" long x 5/8" (.600") wide. Waist is 5/32" wide x (minimum) 1/8" high. * This item is no longer available and is shown here for identification only.


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On 1/13/2022 at 9:11 AM, preilly79 said:

I must apologize, but my spare boom had already been stripped of that fitting. If I can find it I'll let you know, but I'm sorry to keep you hangin'

No worries! I appreciate your offer.  I will keep looking and if needed, come up with my own solution.

I want to solo my Windmill with this rig and main, no jib, and have the spin hoist for an asym.  

Windmill on Rock island 2.jpg

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I have one of those booms, from a mid 60's boat.  The outhaul is not good, but have the mast fitting.

Stuck in BVI at the moment (COVID related), but will post photos when I get home                 

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