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Bay Area J/100 owners - input requested

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Hi folks,

I’m a bit of a newbie but am interested in the J/100, perhaps as an alternative to a new J/9.  Are there any J/100 owner’s in the Bay Area and can you tell me the good and bad of the boat?

My goals are to single or double hand mostly with the occasionally day sail with friends.  Thanks a bunch.

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There were a few around when the model first came out, but I don't think that enough showed up for a class start. I checked the registrations for the Three Bridge Fiasco. There is one J-100 registered - perhaps reach out to that guy and see what he says.

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Good idea to check the BBS - 

4.          USA 8    Eight Ball    Scott Easom    SFYC    San Rafael, CA, USA    J 100    33    623.4(GPH)
5.          USA 23    Feather    Zach Berkowitz    StFYC    San Francisco, CA, USA    J 100    33    628.6(GPH)
6.          USA 88    Grace    Ted Rogers    Richmond Yacht Club    Alameda, CA, USA    J 100    33    624.0(GPH)

I would call Scott Easom (Easom Rigging - Google will find for you).     

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