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Frers 41 Auction Results

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3 hours ago, Somebody Else said:

If it's Frers, don't you really want to be holding out for something in the 50-foot range?

Was the Merrythought that ended up in the PNW a Frers 50?

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22 hours ago, sledracr said:

Yeah, you can see the ghost of the "Toucan Tango" graphic on the starboard quarter.

Interesting.  That link stopped working this morning.  I guess we created some attention to an old ad that bothered somebody.

Somebody was working on it (removed the name from the sides) prior to the auction.  There was damage to the starboard stanchions and gunwhale area.  The mast was removed.

Fyi - that ad was posted by NATIONAL YACHT SALES / NATIONAL LIQUIDATORS STOCK #34909 and the boat was located in Ft. Lauderdale.

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9 hours ago, atw said:

Great story.  Peterson was only 28 years old when he designed and built Ganbare on a shoestring budget . . 

In @Bob Perry's Excellence in Yacht Design video series, Ron Holland shares a story of he and Doug Peterson racing together on a Tahiti race, and when they got there Peterson received a message from his grandmother saying that she was willing to front the money for building Ganbare.   Apparently Peterson was so excited to get started that he went to the airport with nothing but hist passport and the clothes he was wearing.

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Somewhere along the line I heard that when he got the first quote from Eichenlaub he was shocked and asked "Why so much"?

"Doors & drawers son". was the response and the stripped out IOR racer was born.

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5 hours ago, White Lightning2 said:

Nothing equals the thrill/terror of an IOR death roll in 20+. 




Except the time we rounded the leeward mark and were just getting everything wound in tight for the leg to the finish, when the mast snapped at the about the 3rd spreaders, hanging the remains of the upper section over the standing trunk and flopping around. Yelled at the owner driving to turn and run downwind immediately and the crew to check for lines dragging over the side, got the motor going to bring the apparent wind to zero when we all turned and looked at our Bowman ctutmark, got him up the mast on the pole lift and he did one of the best Errol Flynn moves I've seen as he cut away to the main luff tape on his way down so we could get the main down.:lol:

Good times indeed.


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