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Refill CNG tank near Vancouver BC

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3 minutes ago, Zonker said:

Our sailing coop bought a boat with a CNG stove. Where does one refill the tanks in the Lower Mainland of BC?

Not sure if they're still around but I have a memory that there was a gas filling only place that had CNG and LPG on Main Street, south of Terminal but I don't remember where, on your right hand side heading North.  The only place close to Coal harbour etc that sold propane by volume instead of exchange.  If they don't do it, I bet they would know who does.  This was a long time ago, not sure if they're even still there.


Not sure if this helps, perhaps you could call one of the displayed stations and ask?


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You could try calling All Bay Marine in Sidney. They (still, as far as I know) offer an exchange service for us Islanders and ship the tanks over to Vancouver for refilling. So they must know someone.

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I can't find anywhere to fill up a CNG tank. Furthermore, the tank is probably pretty old and needs to be hydro tested. Been doing a ton of research and came to this option. I'm going this route or something very similar.




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2 hours ago, Schnick said:

Ultimately if you pay yourself $25/hr to refill the tank, depending where you live, you could pay for a propane stove in a season or two..

It's a sailing co-op so if you run out CNG, you take the tank home, fill the tank and pass it on the next person who is taking the boat out.

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33 minutes ago, Zonker said:

Great if you have a generator, a huge bank of Li-ion batteries, or only visit marinas. 

Agree. It all depends on the application and needs. For the majority or day-sailors, it's a great option that's quite cost effective. 

The cost and work needed to install LPG for me, wasn't worth it. This is an easy cost effective way to upgrade, again based on individual needs and preferences. 


One note, the guy who posted that setup clearly outlined the power usage/draw at a granular level. Very detailed and helpful information. 

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