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J27 "salvage" in Conn. with light damage

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Looks like a racing incident but they totaled the boat. I got a J22 from these guys recently and same thing, pretty light damage and I got it for -$1 (they paid me a dollar to take it). This looks like a good opportunity for somebody to get a very cheap J27 with easy damage to repair.


Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 9.52.01 AM.png

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3 hours ago, SailRacer said:

I noticed a cover (that redirects water to affected area) and some tape.

Hope it is a good find.

Sail safe!

I'm not bidding on it...just thought that others in the J Boat forum might want to think about it.  I would think that a bid at $500 or $1000 tops takes the boat home so to speak.  

If I was back on the East Coast I might be all over this.

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Wish I was back on the East Coast too!  Always wanted to find a J-27 like this that I could put a J/80 pole and asym on.  This seems to be the perfect boat for that kinda experiment.  Maybe a small diesel saildrive as well. Would make a nice "cheap" J/9 and weekday beer can boat.

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On 1/13/2022 at 2:41 PM, SEC16518 said:

How does this auction work?  Do you just place a bid and find out at the end if you were the highest?

yes, that's correct.  You put in what you'd pay for it and then wait and find out if you won.  I've bought two or three boats from them.  Most recently a J22 that was in Miami.  

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Not sure what the calculation is, it could also have simply been the insurance policy that the insured was carrying and maybe it wasn't enough.

I bought a J22.  The mast had toppled in a big wind storm in Miami so the issue was the $4-5k to put a new mast together for a 1985 J22.  It also has some damage to the deck at the mast step. A simple fix.  I found a used mast for $100.  But had I not been able to figure that out...I can see it being a pricey fix.

By the way, we reduced the value of our Elliott 6meter sailboats at our sailing program.  A keel was broken, and the boat was totalled.  It can be so simple.

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