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Nexus NX2 -> NMEA 2K Advice

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Why connect the laptop twice? Are you running Expedition or Adrena on it?

Why have an N2K network at all when you could connect the GPSMAP 740s plotter over NMEA0183?

How does your VHF DSC radio get its GPS position? Does either of the plotters put GPS info on either the Nexus or N2K networks (i.e. can your Nexus multis show SOG and COG)?

Do you have any AIS gear on board and if so do you need a 38400 baud NMEA 0183 wiring?

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The Laptop USB Connection will work on the GND10.  You can run the Nexus Race S/W on it.  No need to use the serial port connection between laptop and Nexus Server.

The NMEA 0183 connection from the Raymarine C Series can also feed the GPS input for the VHF DSC radio. The 740s also has AIS capability.  You should consider a 38.4K connection between the VHF radio and the 740s to display AIS contacts.

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1. The laptop probably wont be connected twice, it is just highlighting that it can be plugged into either port

2. I am not a fan of the 740s Chart plotter or raymarine C series. Ultimately I want to remove that and just have a tablet. (Laptop down below and tablet on deck)

3. The displays can show SOG and COG (I believe)

4. I am planning on connecting the VHF

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This is a moving target. 

Describe your end state on what you want. You never mentioned the tablet. What kind of boat?  What is your intended use (racing Cruising, etc.).

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Part of the problem is that I am still trying to understand what I need/want at the end of the day. This is part learning experience/part upgrade.


Ultimately I want a NMEA2k backbone to make it easier to make my upgrades easier in the future. I would love to have data recording everything (fuel levels, RPMs, Amps, volts, everything...) That is more of a want than  need..


Express 37, coastal and offshore racing, with a good bit of cruising. The boat has a wheel, not a tiller, with a handrail in front of the wheel where the 740s is mounted. I would add a tablet mount there (with charger). I know visibility and touch screen capabilities can be an issue with tablets, but still preferable to the 740s.


The raymarine C series just takes up space on the nav table. The laptop can show everything that charplotter does.


The only real benefits I see with the chartplotters is that they act as the GPS. 


I have a class D VHF which only receives AIS (the picture I originally posted has a different VHF because it was just a google picture). I will need to add a class B AIS transceiver with it's own dedicated GPS.

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Went back to the morning and traced some more wires!

Not possible to use the garmin 740s since the wires were snipped (I guess I could just buy new wires and splice them in, but not that motivated to go that route)


I am just going to plug the GND10 wires into the empty multiplexer port that says "Nothing". Fingers crossed the multis/tacktick instruments still work!



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