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On-The-Water Anarchy - Race Track Monday


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Not sticking up for Swan's but I think the problem is IRC optimization.


Follow the link to a review (pdf) of Design #588M FARR 42 "IRC FRIENDLY" Racer/Cruiser


They complain that due to the rule, the boat can't be lighter or more powerful


If you look at the specifications they are almost indentical to the CS42


Wow... nice touch posting a boat review by Leif Beiley on SA.... :huh:

Yeah that ones gonna go over well in this forum.

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nice shots from monday.

thanks to all you idiots out there trying to pull this off.

next time... LIVE VIDEO!!


While you'll see loads of near real-time photos the rest of the week, our Monday Anarchist Photo Gallery is Live (Finally)!


Thanks to my lovely Mer, Sara Proctor, Kregg Miller and Michael Brown for some great pics under trying circumstances.

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Max Speed from Kattack for Monday Anarchy is by Lake Effect (Melges 32) at 20.90kt

Looking at the race replay there are some spikes even into the 30's (during some complex turning), could it be a glitch or is the 20kt for real? Check the craziness around 1:50:00pm

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