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Notte siurre.............                                 

No not those bathroom shots (as nice as they are).   Different chick and it was a video. Its was up in GA a while back but I can't find it now.

Wow, where has this thread been all my life?   The only thing that could improve on this threa is the video that was posted about a year ago of the chick stripping in the bathroom and then having a

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What I would give for tits like that.


You would give about $5000 for tits like that, plus a lot of money for new bras and cothes. My wife now has tits like that - a little smaller, and also the same size on each side unlike this poor girl.


You would then find that people interact with you differently, which you would enjoy sometimes and not at all other times.


I'm willing to bet your current tits aren't so bad... want an independent assessment? :ph34r:

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I must try to get out more.

Very inspiring


A most excellent set of chestal adornments my dear but please, just one question: Why are they wet? Just out of the shower, sweat or baby oil?

Enquiring minds need to know :rolleyes:

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