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Live Race Reports - 100th Race To Mackinac

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I love this one - this is Jan and Mead Gougeon, owners of West System Epoxy and the builders of countless high-performance multihulls. They're chatting about their trials and tribulations aboard the trimaran Adagio - the second oldest boat in the race, and one of the quickest. Good stuff.



Here is a tour of the Gunboat 62, courtesy of Max Headroom.


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A long-ish interview with Kathleen Torresen and her brother Brian. Brian is always this funny - during this interview he was trying to figure out a NMEA interface issue in the Gunboat's autopilot so he couldn't really focus... Dude never stops.



Here's our final video - a goodbye to Mackinac and to the party that Bev and Vegas threw up on the roof of the loading dock buildings. Excellently done and great to meet all the anarchists, and thanks for telling me I left my dog on the roof when I ran for the ferry. You'd think something so big would be hard to miss.



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