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Merry Christmas!


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Yeah, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.


Observe the following traditions:


-Spice up that egg nog with a pinch of rum and whole lot of Everclear.

-Drop trow under the mistletoe, grab the girl, or guy, next to you, and just give it to them... Come on now, it's 2008, just a kiss is not good enough, and the Everclear-nog will make sure you're on your game

-Make sure Santa gets those special cookies, and some sweet Vermouth... really, the guy has been working his ass off for a few billion brats, he needs to unwind proper.

-Watch a 'Very Special KISSmas' with that very special someone.

-Listin to Christmas classics by the Ramones, AC/DC, The Dandy Warhols, and Slayer

-Make sure Santa has a good visual on your roof-top, so pee a landing strip on your roof from all the Everclear-nog you drink.

-When ice-skateing with that special someone at Millennium Park, make sure you drop trow and moon everyone at Park Grill with a very festive Santa face on your ass... the kids will get a kick out of it when you fall on it.

-Have a blast at your New Year party, sleep with someone you know you will regret later, make your New Year resolution that you will never do that again, only to break it at next year's party with the same person.

-Be the life of the New Year party, bring a goat

-Be the life of the New Year party, bring mushrooms

-Be the life of the New Year party, bring Blubberboy


Above all have fun, be safe, and go nuts.


See you all in 2009!!




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