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Back In The Saddle - In 30 Knots!


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bummer about XS. our day didnt go too hot either, but not quite as bad. Had a MOB, had to stuff it up to get him back onboard as he held onto the life lines. Had hourglasses galore, a torn chute... and then, at the last leeward mark, our roller furler jammed up. Excellent. Went a 1/4 the leg with no jib till we realized we could partially unroll it by unrapping it... Major kudos to the Harken guys for spending the last 4hours getting the old system off and getting a new one on. It was an obvious maintenance foulup on our part.


Had much better starts today, but couldnt seem to hold it. Either an 'unlucky' shift or a gear failure somewhere. Tomorrow should be fun.

Hey Mustang,

Thanks for the report.. bummer...

what are you racing a M24? which one?


Doug, Brian & all team XS: Wishing you the best of luck tomorrow!!!


Thanks. racing a 109.


Atleast, when things werent going wrong, we have the speed potential to do ok. Clock is ticking though.


Given that your a FLA sailor, I'll guess Too Sweet. I'm a regular J/109 trimmer/tactician (depending on the 109 that I'm sailing.) Hopefuly, we'll get a KWRW OD start again soon.

Good Luck for the rest of the week!


btw: Was your MOB due to a lifeline failure?? We've had issues with that in the past.

Oh, BTW... we've had RF issues twice up at 2 different NYYC Rolex Regatta's.

Was that a set pin issue?


mob was from someone tripping and grabing a LL on the way out.


rollerfurling was due to improper adjustment and poor maintenance, my fault.

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