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Smerconish/Obama interview yesterday.


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I found this to be the best interview with the President I've heard so far. While I still don't back the content of H.R.3200, I think these were some of the better questions I've heard the President respond to lately and could maybe help in answering questions others of you may have. Transcript

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Very interesting. His last answer is probably the most important one to me.


The states in some cases would be empowered to expand Medicaid to cover more people, the same way that they've been able to cover more children under the Children's Health Insurance Program. So a sizable portion of the people who are currently uninsured would in fact be getting their insurance through the states. That's how the current Medicaid program is able to allow states to cover more people.


public option that people could sign up for, but in that situation they'd have to operate like any private insurer. They'd (the government -sic) have to be collecting premiums and so forth.


This is what I DO not want. I DO not want wider Governmental coverage. I DO not want more Medicaid. I DO not want more medicare.


The government could perform this reform through the administration of passing laws - which is what they are supposed to do. Instead I see them setting up more agencies, more beauracracies.


You want coverage till kids are 26? Pass a law that states all plans must have that as one of their provisions. You want co-ops? Fine. Create them by law, create a minimum set of coverages, and pass the law.


But stop trying to grow government. You're already printing money you don't have.

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