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Administration backpeddling on malpractice reform?


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While I find Sebelius to be one of the single most inept individuals in the cabinet. Here's Kathy....


Politico 44


FROM THE TOP: Robert Gibbs takes the podium to introduce HHS Secretary Sebelius, who has information on medical liability reform.


"On Tuesday of this week, we received the latest evidence that the health care system is simply unsustainable," Sebelius opens, referring to the Kaiser Family Foundation and Business Roundtable studies on rising costs. (10:58 a.m.)


"Many doctors report that they practice costly defensive medicine because they are fearful of lawsuits," Sebelius says, and at the same time as many as 98,000 Americans die annually from medical errors.


Therefore, she says, Obama has directed her to send $25 million to state and local liability reform projects that "put patient safety first and work to reduce preventable injuries, foster better communication between doctors and their patients...reduce liability premiums" and ensure patients are compensated properly for errors. (11:01 a.m.)


Pilot program: "The demonstrations made possible by the grants will help us learn what changes are needed" to the larger health care system, Sebelius says.


Parries a question from Chuck Todd about why the initiative isn't larger, saying that HHS has had the authority to run grants like these since 1999 and no one has exercised it.


"The research is already there," Todd says. She smiles: "The research is not there." (11:05 a.m.)


Weisman -- How does this interact with legislation currently on Capitol Hill? "The good news is that this can move forward within the next 60 days...This is a faster process than legislation," Sebelius says. "We'll take a look at - if this is effective and works...then I think there'll be an appetite, certainly out of Congress and elsewhere, to increase this." (11:09 a.m.)



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Sorry, where's the back pedal? This is exactly what Obama communicated were his intentions on the subject in his speech last week.


Well goody, not everybody listens to every speech Obama makes like you do chuckie. When Sebelius started talking about this at the WH Briefing this morning it was new to me, surprised that since it was covered in "his speech last week" that communicating malpractice reform is being addressed this week. Maybe since the bill is dying they are considering tort reform as well? Wow, that could be some change to believe in.

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Obama gave legal reform malpractice lip service in his speech and used "perhaps or maybe "


translation -it was never in any version of the bill because trial lawyers give Obama and the DNC 10s of millons each election cycle and won't be unless others insist it is .


CNN had an excellent though short piece on an OBGYN {baby doc } who pays nearly 200 k a year for malpractise insurance and was recently sued over nothing --again .


It is estimated the practises of defensive medicine {added uneccesary tests etc} and costs are billions wasted and that we could save one billion through legal reform ,perhaps more .


All the nation really needs are REAL reforms that address costs .


But that doesn't serve politicians adgenda for ever more control power money etc .


ENOUGH --we are in debt up to our eyes and can't afford more inept govt run programs . .

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