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    That simplifies that, thanks for the rapid response. I love seeing details like that fence arrangement.
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    Took me some time to picture that, so looking forward to the real deal. How are you going to insert it? Because you can't pull it out like the 49er from the top and would have to drop it due to the plate, right? Or well, I suppose just pulling the pin for the stock would work easily.
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    Single handed - lowering laminated mainsail.

    What boat are we talking about anyway, and do you need to shake out and tie in a reef all the time while crossing open water or mostly heading day sail/race courses? R.Finn‘s procedure is basically the way to go. Just tie it down lightly after making sure it all falls to one side of the boom...
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    Carbon fasteners from Schmolke

    Nah, Ian is restoring and rebuilding a boat which includes a full carbon rig. Give it a look, it‘s a nice read. No experience myself, but going by their statement to use them for mainly lower loaded things on roadbikes...
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    Getting a proper bond with epoxy

    Not the question you asked, but have you considered gluing in the shelving with something like basic sikaflex(not 5200!) for less heavy applications? Worst case it eventually comes off and you can still sand and epoxy, but I found that with a bit of area, which I expect shelving to have, this...
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    Mast Rake increase - noisy „knocking“

    It seems to be gone now, at least other sailors confirmed they can't hear it so may now be my hyper sensitivity... Did notice there is some noise coming from the boom, so that confounded the issue. One part was two shackles coming to lie across each other on some courses... Anyway, I still want...
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    Soft shackle stupid question

    Ditched soft shakles, metal ones and knots on that size(H-boat 36sqm spinnaker). Now simply tied a plastic stopper(must be bigger than the cringle, not able to pass through) at the end of the sheet. Process is to push a bight through the cringle, then pass the end with the ball through the bight...
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    Young and Full of Promise

    Mostly dealt with old aluminium masts as a user, seen some of the plastic conduits and it makes a lot of sense that things have developed there as well. Doesn't mean anything, but the kevlar cable also looks sleeker! That is simple then. Here is to hoping nothing does go wrong inside indeed...
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    Sailor Dies in Newport Bermuda Race

    On the risk of this being an inappropriate or inconsiderate occasion I figured that the way the clipper race trained for MOB and actually successfully retrieved one in pretty heavy seas was the way to go?(if you have crew) Should also work for unconscious victim which is the horror scenario as...
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    Has the Raymarine autopilot thinking process improved?

    Yeah, you're right. Especially with how asymetric angles it is an unlikely scenario. And besides, that's basically my horror scenario and why(cheap tiller pilot up to now) I basically always hand steer downwind. Failures like that... lucky that you weren't elsewhere indeed. Also, no doubt it...
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    Has the Raymarine autopilot thinking process improved?

    Okay, that was rather more extreme and scarier than I expected! Good thing your boat doesn't have an offset companionway and thus not a death trap? ;) Though I do have to wonder from an outside perspective, for all that it's supremely unsettling, boats are astonishingly resilient to getting...
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    Has the Raymarine autopilot thinking process improved?

    Wait, why would your boat be at risk from a broach?! Good to know about the plastic failure... Well, not good, but interesting to see since I haven't encountered that yet.
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    Oh, I hadn't heard that you can trip up the constrictor like that. Good to know. As for shock cord failure, that would be a safe failure as the halyard let's go, wouldn't it be in most cases? Still a new, less accessible maintenance item, but using a solid piece of rubber instead of ordinary...
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    What were the failures you encountered there? Thought the constrictors are very reliable when it comes to opening them?
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    Painting can proceed in that condition or will Phibbsie need to do some prep work yet? You already did a lot of sanding, but not really something to judge from the picture.