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    Judge says GO RACE

    Same old crap from you guys. The wing is illegal Blah Blah Blah---The Sails aren't CiC Blah Blah Blah. Get on your boats, sheet in, dial up and let's find out who brought the fastest shoes to the track meet. Until someone breaks the tape nothing really matters anyway. We can talk about what is...
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    Corey Friedman's email

    If you have Corey Friedman's email address could you please PM me with it? Thank you.
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    delivery reccomendtions

    It's all about the weather window this time of year. It can be a really nice sail down the hill...or it can be hell. I've had both and prefer to skip going to hell again. Let me know if they need an Wx routing advice or if they have that well managed. For you Walter, the Wx report would be free...
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    2009 Newport to Ensenada Why You "Should" Do It !!&a

    Woody: I don't know if it is of interest to you but you may want to talk to the border run organizers and see if you can be their official photographer. As long as you are going to be out there you might as well sell images to boats in both races! You would also lessen the possibility that they...
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    Down To The Wire!

    Where is LennaBarca (M32) and how did they do in race 1 today?
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    ENSENADA Versus San Diego. Tradition Versus safety.

    The party in San Diego is being hosted by the San Diego Yacht Club according to the web site...
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    The Embattled MR CLEAN

    If they are running the radio in the background it could be an infringement.
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    ENSENADA Versus San Diego. Tradition Versus safety.

    Woody: I don't think they NEED* to start from Newport Beach. However, if they are not in the way and they help get more boats out (Assuming they are not drawing down from N2E participation) then it will in my estimation add to the spectacal and let's face it...Getting 300+ boats out in one...
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    Heating Up at Key West

    CLEAN: Help a brother out...I need good shots of LeenaBarca. See what you can do for me please (The people, not necessarily the boat).
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    It's been a week...How much time do they need?

    Actually I believe that would be a major problem for CNEV. Since not all of the challengers have met the 50K Euro requirement it would create quite the legal probem for them if they rejected SAYC on that basis. No, I think they know that if they reject the challenge from SAYC that they will need...
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    Clean the Interviewer

    Like it or hate it...You can't be mad at The Beast for being...well,...errrr...A Beast. SA is what it is and just about everyone comes here to see what's going on at some point. QUANTUM SAILS is getting a lot of visibility and as most ad people will tell you that's a good thing even if people...
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    The Embattled MR CLEAN

    Unless he is posing a danger to other boats that won't happen...Now, they might "DETAIN" their boat and board them for a "courtesy inspection" but with cameras rolling, that isn't usually a good call even in a "Good Ol' Boys Town" like Key West.
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    Heating Up at Key West

    Quantum Quantum Quantum Quantum Quantum Quantum Quantum Quantum The NS Wx forecast hasn't exactly been accurrate this week so I am not sure it is doing them any favors. I do like their forecast today and am generally inclined to agree with most of it. Carry on... Quantum Quantum...
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    It's been a week...How much time do they need?

    So the SAYC Challenge was formally submitted complete with ducks in a row week ago. Judging from the list of required documents I would think that you could validate (or not) their authenticity in about 24 hours through the web and with a telephone with a committee of one. I am beginning to...
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    ENSENADA Versus San Diego. Tradition Versus safety.

    I seem to recall that the Newport -Ensenada Race has a deal with Mexico or with the City of Ensenada and they are kinda bound to finish in Ensenada. Anyone from the N2E RC know?