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    Sydney to Hobart 2010

    agree... does anyone else find it strange that nothing has been reported about the Ran protest? does anyone else find it strange that none of what 'actually' happened with WOX1 was not disseminated more widely? Doesn't JBW talk to anyone on the Race committee until after the race?
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    2010 12ft skiff nats

    I know this is probably being a bit anal but I think you will find that Yabba Dabba actually withdrew from the last race rather than being disqualified. I have to say though, that although Yabba were in the wrong in terms of right of way, I struggle to understand how Andrew Short Marine hit...
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    12 foot skiff video

    our best 10sec average is 23.7 according to the velocitek, and that was a gust of prob 25kts in flatish water. Like someone else has said, there are boats that go faster, but the short waterline on the 12 means the rides are pretty wild. In my opinion the best feeling is the acceleration when...
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    12 foot skiff video

    problem with a $2000 boat is you get what you pay for. There is usually a reason a $2000 boat is a $2000 boat.
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    12 foot skiff video

    but we are just too big to have much of a fleet. huh?
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    Lord Ban - Poll

    let this die you fucking bunch of dickheads!
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    Doug Lord

    why is this thread still going
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    Insurance - GIO Australia

    Let's paraphrase GIO's interpretation of their policy wording as sent to Ed: "if you have selected racing cover you are covered for racing, unless you race"   I can't see how this wording would fly for GIO at claim time.   - They have agreed to give your 12ft skiff racing cover. - A 12ft...
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    starting 18 footers

    "I am not really sure what I have done to deserve such an outburst." Errr... Sailing anarchy, not Lets spend all day posting useless crap implying how good we are because we sail an 18 and a moth anarchy
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    Carbon parts - how to?

    gaffa tape :)
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    foily niner, will it really work

    "Im not sure backing the jib is particularly convenient, seeing that it is self tacking" While not particularly convenient, backing the jib is more convenient than getting stuck in irons
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    Is there a clown in Woody's clown car?

    Squid why do you feel you have to try to point out how great your photos are compared to someone elses? Shouldn't a good photo speak for itself? Just asking because reading your post you seem like a real tosser.