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    What's Right (or Wrong) with US Sailing?

    I too am an outlier here. Sure USS could be more responsive to everyday members but they do provide a basic set of standards that we can all race under and expect as fair a competition as reasonable. The price for a club PRO or club Judge class is less than $50 and is managed by volunteers who...
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    Random PicThread

    Impressed with the “Guernica” note. PP was borderline crazy and this gigantic painting puts that front and center. What a brilliant, crazy, human.
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    J 9 PHRF rating

    What would the non spin rating be for TOD scoring? Evening beer can racing. Jib and Main only fleet. Thanks in advance.
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    SA Classified Scams?

    I posted a chart plotter a few weeks ago and got a hit right away. Wouldn’t answer direct questions and wanted to do a a $ transfer in a funky way. Smells like s$&t so must be s$&t. When I pressed, they went silent. Be VERY CAREFUL about what you do and with info you share. I wish our admin...
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    Garmin gWind Anemometer - difference between Race and standard version? Wired v. Wireless? General thoughts?

    We have the Garmin wireless wind. Sometimes a little funky while in the slip with a lot of other signals going on around us. Once out of the marina we have zero problems with it. It’s on a J/30 and, as I understand it from my electronics guy, we are very close to the end of the useful range on...
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    Chicago Mac 2022

    The Sheboygan in Wisconsin is actually a pretty cool sailing town. So is the Sconie version of Milwaukee. Alice Cooper did a brief comparison of the two M’s many years ago.
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    PHRF Scoring

    Are you using any apps for registration? Do you charge a fee? we use Regatta Networks. Very easy and seamless. Use it for OD and PHRF. Very easy to master.
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    J30 Rigging

    We sail out of Milwaukee. When it’s ugly, it can get very ugly. On the other hand, west wind at 10 knots equals flat and fast!
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    J30 Rigging

    We sail hull #25 on Lake Michigan. In early season, 12 to 18 knots with 3-4 foot seas is not uncommon. We carry a 155 with no problem (phrf) Agree on the point of little benefit to switching to synthetic.
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    Keeping racing afloat where it is barely afloat...

    We run a W/L and triangle on the same course. Same start and finish line for all fleets. W/L fleets go first with T going last. W/L are typically 2X and T is 1x. Rule 26 rolling starts. Windward leg is always up wind. We have a permanent start pin mark which signal then lines up to for the...
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    Beware of “Phil Bloom”

    Yup!! Stay very far away.
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    Beware of “Phil Bloom”

    A few days ago I placed an ad for a Simrad chart plotter in the “Gear” section of the classifieds. Within 24 hours I received an inquiry from “Phil Bloom” asking me about highest offer so far and for pictures. Note that there are photos of the plotter in the ad. I responded with basically...
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    Sailbot Automated Race Timer

    We have one on order and, hopefully, will see it by the end of July. Plan is to have several old I phones in the RC kit for use with the device. one of PRO’s has his own Istart. I have worked RC with him many times and it’s a very nice product. Too bad that they are gone and that there are so...
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    How much does it cost to haul, put on the hard and cocoon a boat in cold US climates?

    Steps: (there may be others) reserve your winter storage location top off fuel tank haul boat Scrub bottom drain water tank winterize engine, tanks and bilge empty the two tons of gear from boat hire “cocoon guy” or build frame and cover with tarps or cover with tarps or move boat into warehouse...
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    Show your boat sailing thread

    Just a Wednesday evening can race. Lake Michigan off of Milwaukee. Our J/30, Top Tick.