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    View New Content without PA in it - a Fix

    Sadly, your Stream link above isn't working any more. I can't figure out how to create a similar "everything but Political Anarchy" with the new format. Anyone?
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    eddie shack, rip

    I had his lunchbox! (I think I was more interested in the locomotive as a 6-year-old).
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    Bob Dylan

    Best version ever. You can take that to the bank.   :blink:
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    Billy and Tommy met up at the town's big soapbox races.  Tommy says to Billy, "Say! That's the coolest soapbox car I've ever seen! How did you make it?" Billy replies, "I used my Dad's iron lung.  "Oh, wow," says Tommy, "what did your Dad say?" "Hhnnnnngggghhhhhhkhgg."
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    Random PicThread

    The Kitsilano railway swingspan trestle! Dad took me to see the last train over it (pre-1986). 
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    What Are You Doing During Your COVID Vacation?

    Quality social-distancing time with the kids when I'm not being an essential service provider. 
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    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    Will you be using the jet-ski as your tender?
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    Bulker leaving Vancouver Harbour

    Yes, and she's back on her way to Singapore.
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    Bulker leaving Vancouver Harbour

    Word on VHF is problem caused by wheat/pesticide.
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    Bulker leaving Vancouver Harbour