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    Best 2014 sunglasses under about $9,000?

    Kaenon's suck. I am on my 3rd set of lenses in mine. The lense's keep crazing.
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    Crazy 88

    Raced with the Doc on her 88 the other Wednesday. We had a reverse course. (downwind start) Had a super good time. Her crew did a great job & DL had the boat moving well. We won by over 4 minutes corrected.
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    What is the new Velocitek they are teasing?

    Just bought the Shift. It came with the battery half charged. It has been in the sun for a day and a half. It is still just half way charged. Any ideas?
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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Any 111's out there that might be for sale that are not posted on Yacht World?
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    Malibu & Return Race

    Any pictures & results?
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    Classified ads not working again? frustrating

    I liked the old classified set up on Sailing Anarchy. Just saying.
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    David Crosby Article

    I ran into David a couple days ago at the surf shop. Talked to him for a couple minutes. Talked about being on the road. Told me about his son. How big he was getting etc. I know he takes the Mayan out when ever he can. He loves that boat.
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    Where Are The J70 Fleets In The US

    We now have 10 boats in the Santa Barbara area. Four others are ready to pull the trigger.
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    J36 - Where's the Other ones!

    I raced on Mark Spitz's boat in the 1981 Transpac to Hawaii. Top speed down a wave was 21 knots. It was a windy year.
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    Yachting Cup 2013

    The "Rocket" will be there. Should be fun. Nice to get out of town.
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    J/70 Impressions

    Most the pros were taction's & not skittpers. Might be a difference there
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    Key West 2013

    Didn't Key West start yesterday? No results?
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    Tuna Surprise & Angry Red Planet - Modified Capri 25's

    Stampede is in Santa Barbara. A bit beat-down. New owner is fixing the thing up.
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    Gary Mull 27 foot IOR boat information?

    Raced the Mull 1/4 tonner for severeal years. Fast upwind in a breeze. Sucked down wind in all conditions.
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    J/70 Impressions

    What max crew weight did the 70's sail under in the NYYC regatta?