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    At what stage do we find our balls ?

    I've not followed Chinese TV much but aren't the lockdowns a tacit acknowledgement that sinovac is essentially a fail? How do they address that rather obvious elephant?
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    At what stage do we find our balls ?

    Not soon. People don't like how sausage is made, and part of being king, is being king. There's the old story that if you were a roman citizen, you could walk the lenght of the empire alone and no one - anywhere - would bother you. Why? Because the empire would murder - in horrific fashion...
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    The Third Booster Shot Debate - Are U going to get the booster?

    I got my 4th shot (2nd booster) about a month ago - 2 pfizers followed by 2 modernas. About 10 days ago, I was admitted to the hospital with pulmonary emboli in both lungs and a DVT behind my left knee. One EKOS later...
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    CNN, Fox News, and the unraveling of journalism ethics

    Wow has this thread gone some weird directions. Not sure any of this matters but here goes: Relative to ‘why’ entropy always increases, that’s actually not answerable. As best as we can tell, we live in an entirely deterministic universe. That's how it's constructed. We don’t know why it’s...
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    Burning This Bitch Down, Part III

    "Political Anarchy" is pretty much an anachronism. In the oxymoronic Purity Anarchy, there is a point of view and the occasional troll that flings poo at it.
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    Yea, that was one of his later exchanges when he was trying to sort of walk back / clarify. Here's his initial statement "Thank you very much. As you know, this was a small press conference, but...
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    Alcohol vs gasoline

    Ethanol comes from fermenting sugars. The maximum alcohol content from natural fermentation is 12-15% depending on the yeast and takes weeks. In order to make alcohol that is flammable, you then have to remove ~ 50% of the water - getting the alcohol content up above 50% - by distillation...
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    Alcohol vs gasoline

    Yea, the alcohol really has to be over 100 proof (50%) to burn effectively. Most vodkas are mandated to be at least 80 but there's not much incentive to go higher. A lot of old-school alcohol burners used 70-91% isopropyl alcohol cause it was cheep and easy.
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    Try to name one thing Biden has done well. One.

    Its one of those weird 'political dichotomies' The Republicans, who are suppose to be a bunch of bible thumpers, are lead by a secular apostate (Trump) and tepid Baptist (McConnell) while Democrats, the political home base for atheists of many flavors, are lead by two practicing Catholics...
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    Exit from Afghanistan

    When you only have one note, that's what you gotta play.
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    Try to name one thing Biden has done well. One.

    No.. the 400K limit is not under any threat from me :) I would hope that they'd process my taxes so I can get me my refund. Of fix the electronic glitch that prevents me from doing digital submissions in the first place. Or answer a phone...
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    Try to name one thing Biden has done well. One.

    Given that I turned in my paperwork six months ago and haven't heard a peep, I hope the new agents will get around to processing my return before its time to submit the next one.
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    Alcohol vs gasoline

    Thanks for the reference - I added her to my youtube lineup. I loved how she just listened to the sequences, and would diagnose the issues - like watching a good music teacher.. "you're rushing.....there... better".
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    Biden signs student loan cancellation

    :) We're going to have to have a conversation about how money is actually created. A bank creates a loan. The student signs on the loan agreement and Uncle Sam cosigns. The bank gives money to the School. The bank takes the loan and bundles it up with a bunch of other loans to create an...
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    Moonshot Artemis

    I think SloopJonB was right.