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    UV Resistant Shock Cord/Bungee for Jib Lead Cars
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    Savannah/Charleston/Pensacola Sailing Advice

    Don't move to Charleston.  Too many people.
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    Solid Shock Cord

    That is correct.  It does not have a cover.
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    Solid Shock Cord

    In the past, I was able to purchase a solid shock cord from APS that lasted in the sun for years.  Any idea where I can get it now?
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    Hey, Sott! We have to see the DeVos's boat every time I open the forum?

    What happened to the link on the front page in the story about the Pro's?  It doesn't work and i can't find the thing any where in the forum.
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    Jib Top for Cruising in the PNW?

    And the JT does not hang in the water ruining the foot of the sail.
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    Charleston SC Engine and Boat Surveyor?

    Nothing against Lloyd but he is many hours away from Charleston, SC.  There are many competent surveyors in Charleston.  Go to the SAMS website, and find one local.
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    Anarchists in Chucktown

    They only write about things when they get paid to.  
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    Name of thing on a screw on a boom

    Do not use an aluminum pin stop on a carbon boom.  The galvanic corrosion will make it disappear rather quickly when you add a little saltwater.
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    SY Sassy, Palmer Johnson Maxi 78 ft by Ron Holland for Dutch Schmidt

    And this on the NOAA fisheries site: Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Data found in historical database no longer in Documentation. Vessel Name: CHEEKY   USCG Doc. No...
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    SY Sassy, Palmer Johnson Maxi 78 ft by Ron Holland for Dutch Schmidt

    Found this on USCG PSIX       Results for Vessel: SASSY  ATTENTION: These results are from the PSIX Archive Database. Results from this database are for data before 12/15/2001.  ...
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    Sailors you'd like to punch in the nose

    He has quite a few disabilities. He is a douche. He is narcissistic asshole. He suffers from the Napoleon complex. And he has no moral compass.
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    boathauler wanted, to truck J 122 Annapolis to Wisconsin

    I would not let Big Dog haul my trash to the street unless I wanted to get charged more than the agreed price and have it late and possibly F'd up.
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    Thru Deck Bushing - Where to buy and who makes it???

    Try this link for the US dealers:
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    40th Annual SMCM Governor's Cup

    The correct link should be