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    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    I am hoping. DeSatan won the last time by less than a half percent, hoping he looses the next election by at least as much if not more.
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    Herschel Walker Watch

    He's definitely hypocritical enough and sufficiently lacking in morals to be a good republican.
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    Trump will be on the Ballot

    Got to disagree with you on this one. I think a Llama would be far more intelligent, be it Peruvian or Mexican Whooping Llama.
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    Hurricane Season 2022

    That's like hitting a log, going to flip the airboat and dump you in the water with the Alligators :eek:
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    Why Did It Take A Catastrophe?

    Just don't hold your breath waiting.
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    Why Did It Take A Catastrophe?

    Of course it is.
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    Why Did It Take A Catastrophe?

    In that vote to pass the CR to continue funding the federal and government, including the disaster relief for Florida, Rubio was a chicken shit and didn't even show up to vote. Scott voted no. Rubio is up for reelection, he needs to loose.
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    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Scatue 😂
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    More trouble for the Orange Jesus

    Hurricanes are just too big and will nail too many people. Perhaps a nice precisely targeted tornado instead.
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

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    Hurricane Season 2022

    How is it that someone too dumb to move their million dollar car out of the way of expected flooding and major tide surges can afford a million dollar car?
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    A new low - cover up McCain

    His diehard followers tend to be petty assholes themselves.
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    Get away from the high end Waterfront and just a few blocks from the business strips, and there are some very low rent areas of West Palm. Someone has to wait tables, clean houses of the wealthy, etc.
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    Billionaires Block Student Loan Forgiveness

    Indeed. Only the billionaire class should get any tax breaks and benifits from the federal government at the expense of peon class. It should never be the other way around.
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    Recession, gas prices, interest rates, primary school sex ed, loan forgiveness....what a mess...FJB

    I am not worrying about a moron in the White House fucking us up. I would call that a huge improvement.