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    Favorite daysailers with a lifting keel?

    Beneteau First 210 & descendants. Strong, comfy, fast, trailerable with ease, can sleep aboard, both kinds of spinnakers.
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    ETAP 21i?

    Very similar in almost all aspects to the Beneteau First 210/211 series
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    Board Boats

    A Hobie Adventure Island might be a good choice. It sails pretty well, can be lifted by hand over the guardrail, and with some haka benches and/or tramps installed, can sail an adult and a few kids. Pre 2015 models are less capable sailors but more capable kayaks, and a little lighter. Post...
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    Turbo'd Zuma

    It's only worthwhile at kid-weight. A Zuma with more than about 75kg aboard is just not a fun boat, no matter how much sail you pile on... I have a 1998 Expedition 12.5, which is a Zuma hull with a carbon rotating mast & fixed boom. It's a great kid's boat. Really great. Probably gonna sell...
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    Expedition 14.5 Hatch

    That means the furler is out of position on the tube or the mast plug at the bottom is not fully inserted
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    Expedition 14.5 Hatch

    The idea is to sink the lower key into the plate, then rotate the drum until the upper key aligns with the keyhole, and drop it into place. The upper key should be in the keyhole when sailing.
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    Expedition 14.5 Hatch

    My bearing plate is some kind of starboard plastic, not aluminum. That's a pisser
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    Advice for beginner boat?

    I've owned some boats - still own too many. A dinghy is not a great choice if you are going to only have one boat. Light dinghies are the MOST fun, but athletic on the water in any breeze and basically a form of workout to sail. In other words, an hour or two is great but six hours is...
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    show me the money, part 9,873

    People think in terms of analogues. In that sense, because it's racing and there are teams and sponsors and high performance vehicles, we think of SailGP like wet NASCAR. But the cultural roots of southern moonshine running & hillbilly populism are massively more dense than those of any kind...
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    show me the money, part 9,873

    The byline said Anarchist David FWIW
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    Expedition 14.5 Hatch

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    Sailed at Edgewater Yacht Club in CLE last night. The PRO confused a fixed mark sailing instruction with a drop mark sailing instruction, which meant he was calling for two laps when the SI's said 1 lap. A few boats got on the VHF to clarify. The PRO than said if one more boat said one more...
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    The future of diesel inboards in an all electric future

    If your 27 footer needs 500KG of battery, there is exactly one good place to put it. Keelboat designers are just going to have to design their keels to provide righting moment, lift, and appropriate infrastructure to mount, protect, service and supply an array of standardized cells.
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    Keeping racing afloat where it is barely afloat...

    Did a regatta few weeks ago on a J35. Moved the boat 4 hours to the venue. Crew drove to the venue, rigged the boat, motored out to the line, raised the sails...waited for our start thru three classes...and raced. First race was around 30 minutes. Second race took about 45 minutes to get...
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    Expedition 14.5 Hatch

    Here is my mainsheet setup. I use the dyneema strop to lower windage and lessen the amount of mainsheet needed. I use a Spinlock mini-clutch cleat instead of a standard cam cleat. Love the action- it just clicks open and closed. So much better. The boom attachment is just a nylon loop and...