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    Hurricane Season 2022

    Damn, I dear friend of mine bought a large home on a canal in Ft Myers north. The home has a dock big enough for a 60' boat, which he put in there last year. His plan was to do the great loop next year when he retires. This could be really bad for him.
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    Don't MoveTo Florida

    The Christmas lights are a nice touch.
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    Nurse Ratchet DTS

    That movie is in my top two or three ever. Loved to hate her. What a classy acceptance speech. So far removed from the garbage exhibited today.
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    Caring for Seniors

    Just recently lost my father, hell of it is, wasn't the only time he died. But that's another story. A few years ago, before he went downhill pretty fast, I went down to Denver and picked him up to spend the day together fishing and just hanging out. On the way home we drove by a Hooters. I...
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    Meme Anarchy

    I actually saw that guy in an airport somewhere several years ago, wearing a similarly bizarre outfit. At the time I thought he must have lost a bet or something.
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    Random Info for Cruising Anarchists

    For some reason I remember this one from the magazine and it has stuck in my little brain all these decades. And of course Spy vs Spy
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    Best rowing tender/dinghy with passenger.

    This looks pretty cool
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    PNW Trip

    Will you be headed to Rosario?
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    Cruising on a Trailer Sailer

    Does your neighbor have the same boat?
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    QE DTS

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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    No bikini or hot girl but some pretty cool machine work and aquadrive install.
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    QE DTS

    I see your Franz and raise a Norm.
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    "National Un-Cleavage Day"

    Them ding dongs really class up the thread!
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    Meme Anarchy

    Youtube is one word, just saying there old-timer.