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    My new website is up!

    Great site...needs a guitar photo :rolleyes:
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    All is Lost: *Spoilers / mistake list

    Estar...I saw the airvane, but I didn't see a windvane structure on the stern of the boat. I see a spar of some sort. Also, the skipper may have rigged jacklines but he clipped onto the lifeline.
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    All Is Lost: a review.

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    All is Lost: *Spoilers / mistake list

    If you watch this vid. you'll see a scene where the skipper is watching his boat go down. In that scene, there is no windvane affixed to the stern of the boat, so all the self-steering must be accomplished by tying the wheel down. And when the skipper is at the helm, there are several...
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    All Is Lost: a review.

    Dear Abbey...My president had a father who was an anti-colonialist, a mother and grandparents who were communists, a mentor who is a liberation theology preacher, a biographer who is a convicted terrorist and close family members who are undocumented immigrants. My question is, should I tell my...
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    All is Lost: *Spoilers / mistake list

    That's a good catch...
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    All is Lost: *Spoilers / mistake list

    Well, the list of things can be a long one. Skipper had to fish his harness out of a settee storage compartment. 6-8-man raft packed in a 2-4 man pack and stored in the forward wet locker not near the companionway. Skipper clipped onto the lifeline, not a jackline. No handheld GPS or VHF...
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    All Is Lost: a review.

    So gang, what about the fucking movie?
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    All Is Lost: a review and why I recommend seeing this movie.

    If you recall, the skipper was down below and awakened to water entering the cabin thru the hole in the hull. This is not a spoiler alert. This fact was shown in the trailer.
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    All Is Lost: a review.

    We saw the movie. For the most part, we can't argue with the review. The movie would have been made even better if somebody with serious sailing experience could have been on hand to share their expertise with the makers of the movie. That said, the movie is well worth seeing and will be the...
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    New Sailing Flick... Any of our Euro Cousins see it Yet?

    We saw the movie tonight. The boat is not a Cal 43. The movie is worth seeing. Sailors will enjoy critiquing the flick. There is much worth discussing. Because this is opening weekend, I don't want to say anything more. Help make the movie a success so maybe more sailing movies will be made.
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    There was no SAS

    It seems to me the real secret to OR's success is the way they were able to simulate and test all of the changes being made to the #17 boat. I'm curious, did OR have a simulator set-up in the shed or did they rely on computer models and the other OR boat in the water?
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    Dr. Electron is almost famous

    It's in the 40s here in PDX and my sweetie's cruising around the BVI where she says its been in the 80s so I like to think the average temp for me is somewhere in the 60s :-)
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    where have the crazy dudes gone

    Some of us are in forced therapy...
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    You find good sailing stories in the darnedest places