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    Throw Outs Need To Be Thrown Out

    I like throw outs. It’s just like allowing women wits penises beat women with vaginas in “women’s” sports. But again, I’m not a biologist, so I probably shouldn’t render an opinion.
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    Question for "old timers" here

    Esse Sanger’s wood saye; iye caime for the huewmer! But I cum foar the pixers,
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    New Mac’s

    It just works.
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    Meme Anarchy

    Wasn’t that a millennium ago?
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    How to log into @#$%^&*()

    Super funny! Hahaha. It also shows up on my windows machine. Next brilliant fix?
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    How to log into @#$%^&*()

    Great. So to fix this I now have to create a social media profile? There is a reason why I don’t have one - I can’t think of a possible upside.
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    Shipping a spinnaker from Italy to US?

    The info from Nautor is usually 100% spot on. They have phenomenal customer service.
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    We really need a topic for dumb questions here

    Where did everyone go? What’s it rate?
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    LONQR 2

    So does the mortuary.
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    Velvet drive rear seal

    I think that the rear seal on my Velvet drive transmission (Volvo TMD 22 60 hp turbo) is leaking from the rear seal. Does anyone know the difficulty in repairing or replacing?
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    Meme Anarchy

    But you weren’t there in Vegas last weekend. The car not so much, the cougar? All that
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    Passport renewal

    Zimbabwe dollars? Cheep.
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    Latitude 38 now wants to sell you to download Fkcu!

    Here’s my deal: it’s free here in sf Bay Area. If I had to hand over a $1 bill I’d be cool. Once I have to hand out my online info, likely I would be sold. The old addage: if it’s free online, you are what they are selling. Ask the google. I can still go pick one up where I keep my boat or...
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    Defender sold to powersport accessory company/private equity

    Hi, id like to get 200’ of 8mm spectra for my snowmobile and a couple of harken 44 self tailers for my Harley. Gor my boat, how about some saddlebags. Can you do it”? Yessir, aisle 29, halfway down, on yer left.
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    Meme Anarchy

    As snaggy would say: Plusse oune. Unlsess fucking spell check gets involved.