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    catamarans with all accomondations on the bridgedeck - reusing ex racers/daycharter

    Vitalia 2 (ex Orange) had a pod installed. I’ve heard that she can no longer fly a hull.. not that you would want to in a ‘cruising‘ cat. Before After
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    SeaCart 30s in NorCal

    The beauty (and performance) of the seacart 30 has always been its simplicity and lack of weight. Looks like they added sturdy foot rails between the front and back beams as well as benches. How much weight have they added? What’s the performance increase of the benches vs adding lighter...
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    Offshore racing gear

    I have some Musto MPX but have recently been using Zhik offshore gear.  I can highly recommend the Zhik Isotak stuff.
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    2022 Dubai to Muscat Race on a Corsair F28R

    Yeah, seems to be a common problem.. The transom brackets are close together on the F28.  I’m looking at a bunch of options.
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    2022 Dubai to Muscat Race on a Corsair F28R

    The spinnaker pole is extendable via a beefy bow socket.  It’s not the hinged version.  I have a bob-stay but no whisker-stays.  The sprit on the f28 is a tree trunk.. 
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    2022 Dubai to Muscat Race on a Corsair F28R

    It is pretty special.  The Omanis are the nicest people in the world and the scenery is stunning.
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    2022 Dubai to Muscat Race on a Corsair F28R

    Hi All I’ve put together a short video about our latest Dubai to Muscat Race on my Corsair F28R - Sabotage. 
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    Middle Sea Race 2021

    I’m surprised that Ultime Emotion wasn’t more competitive against the MOD70s.  Was she sailed with an amateur crew?  She finished minutes ahead of Comanche and several hours behind the MOD70s. Yellowbrick has Ultime Emotion and the MOD70s on the same rating. I thought she was longer and...
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    Corsair / Farrier 31 /9 variations

    I have a 28R and completely agree.  I now have “phil’s foils” foils - both daggerboard and dagger-rudder.  The factory rudder used to ventilate at 16knots.  The new high aspect rudder blade (with no fence) never ventilates and, surprisingly, has much better low speed control.  My race starts are...
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    Nacra F18?

    Nowhere near as bad as a hobie 16.  I’ve had a Nacra Inter18, the F18 and an Infusion. The Infusion is a great and very forgiving boat to sail in big waves and wind.  The F18 is fun to sail but isnt as forgiving or reactive to sail as the Infusion.  The F18 has narrow hulls and it sits “in” the...
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    Irens A-65

    She’s narrow for her length… like a G32. I’m pretty sure the G32 had 1) a masthead float and 2) the ability to self right from a capsize..   This boat has neither.  Though it is based in Dubai which has predominantly light winds.. so less of a risk of capsizing. The boat looks great in...
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    Irens A-65

    She’s in Port Rashid Marina in Dubai. The boat is very narrow for its length.  I assume this is to encourage early hull flying.
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    Proas are the recumbent unicycles of the sailing world.
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    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    Parler was funded by the Mercer family. (  These are also the same people who backed Cambridge Analytica. I'm (slightly) surprised that they were so cheap on cybersecurity. 
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    pics: TF10, 2019 Vallejo Race

    Didn't the NYYC plan to develop a TF10 class to replace their monohull (swan?) fleet?