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    Suggestions requested on getting IP 380 from Rock Hall, MD to Hilton Head, SC

    FWIW, I brought an improperly-propped Alberg 30 from Kilmarnock VA to Georgtown SC, solo except for the Crewdog as ships company. Top speed 4.5 kts, late October (ie shorter days), all inside via Coinjock, except for the Beaufort NC -> Masonboro jump. Mostly underway 10-12hrs per day, it took 9...
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    Out board question

    Ah. Damn. Sounds like the only other option is one of these... ;)
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    Out board question

    Looking online at pics of this model, it seems that foils on the lower unit are at least somewhat popular - which is what I was wondering and why I looked, based on what you've written. Seeing the hull shape at the transom, the 'planing area' of the hull is a very narrow pad and would only act...
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    Getting a proper bond with epoxy

    According to Wikipedia these are involved in proper bondage, but I don't see how. First you'll catch hell keeping the fur out of your laminate, then just try getting all the epoxy off of them after you are done...
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    Mobo driver apologises -

    Be straight with him - he's already aware, and thus unlikely to be defensive. If you tell him that you see him trying and really appreciate that, and (insert how to/how not to info here), he'll get it without misunderstanding. Point out that he is the exception in even trying/caring, and finish...
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Solo gal on her Wharram. No fancy, airbrushed perfect skin clickbait thumbnail screaming for attention, video all shot on an iPhone. Seems unpretentious, the 'real deal'. Female version of "NBJS", perhaps. She does have a Patreon, and her own site where you can read her writings...
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Plukky of "Sailing Freedom" is giving up his (ir)regular YT life of 6 years, crowd funding a new boat self-build (Mumby 48), to take up "The Elcano Challenge" which had been conceived, then later abandoned, by Jimmy Cornell. The Challenge is to sail around the world (non-stop?) in an...
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    An academic look at cruising

    Likely: % more "deviants" = % more fun/interesting cruising. :) (Certainly no Youtoobers with an ever-present camera...)
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    Hard dinks, nesting dinks, and why we like them

    The experiment was conducted under the auspices of DARPA*, and complete safety and health measures** were undertaken during the live phases on the water. . . *Dinghy Advanced Research, Propulsion Alternatives. ** Beers.
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    Hard dinks, nesting dinks, and why we like them

    6hp on the back of a WB8 will get you 12+ knots. You need an extra long tiller extension, and to be positioned far enough forward that looking down and back you see the bow wave, while steering with a foot. Note: the hull deforms at this speed and becomes concave forward of the transom, which...
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    DIY Walker Bay 8 replacement rig

    Check around for carbon windsurfer masts, they have a smaller diameter than the plain glass ones and will fit the hole in the WB thwart. I found one that fit, made a simple flat sail (parachute cloth with a sleeve of light packcloth) to slide over the spar. Used a wooden rudder and centerboard a...
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    Thunderbird dinghy by Snug Harbor

    Picked this up off of Craigslist yesterday, have been able to find very few references to the boat and/or the manufacturer online. A couple forum references elsewhere, a couple 'For Sale' listings, and a blog is about it. There's a dealer/broker in GA that uses 'Snug Harbor' in their name, but...
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I am not casting stones, I am pointing out blatant hypocrisy.
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    So the Vags, despite paying high profile, multi-media public lip service to being "woke" and "green" by toting scowling Greta across the Atlantic so that she could scold Americans from Europe (among other, subtler professions of their belief system), have now upped the consumerist ante so far...
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    Max - to take apart strainer/plunger, for me it works best to spread the forces around the perimeter of the strainer part as equally as possible while unscrewing. I hold it in left hand, put fingertips of right hand into the 'cup' area at bottom of the plunger, then spread them apart and twist...