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    Hughes trimaran project for sale

    Do you have any pictures?
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    A trimaran daysailer foraging boomers

    That mast is going to be too tall for a 25 footer!  It will be better suited to a 33' + tri or (dare I say it) 43'+ Proa...
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    Caption Contest

    Sneak Peak:  The new Macgregor 26 Xtreme
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    Moisture Meters

    A moisture meter is only as good as the person using it.  A good surveyor will use it as one of a number of tools to properly assess the condition of a vessel not as the end all tool to find problems.
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    38' Brenta donated available for lease/purchase

    The one on the cover is not either of the two on Martha's Vineyard.  This one was based on Eastern Long Island where she regularly races against J/109's.  We altered the traveler car on the jib so we can in-haul her.  She is generally faster than a J/109 upwind but is slower downwind due to her...
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    Carbon lifeline covers/roller

    I had them on a 30' sport boat.  You never came off the foredeck without itching.  Got rid of them really fast.  Not sure if I would put anything that could hold salt water in there...
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    38' Brenta donated available for lease/purchase

    The two plugs in the deck are for the removable foot blocks.  There are two for the "couches" and one for each helm.
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    what was it?

    Looks like the remnants of Banque Populare
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    Are "T" keels a nightmare?

    I wouldn't want one on a modern cruising boat.  Too much gets caught on them and doesn't slip off easy.  Anchor lines when the wind drops out for one.  You could collect a massive forest of sargasso offshore too.  I would prefer a more traditional leading edge that would allow debris to slip off...
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    Proa "Mast"

    How big a Proa are you building?  I have a 45' long freestanding, rotting carbon wing mast...
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    Least Exclusive Yacht Clubs

    The Wobbly Club in Antigua is my favorite. The "facilities" include one table with uneven legs. There are no members, only commodores. Buy a round and you just became the commodore. Elections held every night starting at 5ish...
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    double double

    A Mark Ellis designed Catamaran. Double Nonsuch 60?
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    Greenport Ocean Race 2015 - Win a 7 day charter in the BVI

    I am in! Maybe on a faster boat this time!!!
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    Whitebread 20!

    Are you guys going to allow cats ever again?
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    j /90 Turbo

    Hey Bob, I got the drawing from Rod. Built the rig and put everything where it is in the drawing. I had Harken pull up the original list of hardware that was supplied with the boat and bought the 2013 equivalent of them from Harken. Just buy the boat!!!