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    Anybody cruising large tris in this place?

    No argument there. I can't imagine it would be any more spacious than a cat, given how narrow the hulls would have to be, and it would probably be slower, heavier, and have a choppier ride, too. I'm honestly trying to figure out the upside.
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    Anybody cruising large tris in this place?

    Likely not what this board had in mind, but I saw this in Boston Harbor today from my office window, and at the very least I'm curious if anyone knows what it is. It kinda looks like the answer to the question, "What would happen if you took a Fountaine Pajot and added another one?"
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    Cruising to Martha's Vineyard- Specifics

    We spent two nights in Cuttyhunk last week and had a fantastic time. Mooring field was 2/3rds empty heading into Labor Day weekend but the shellfish boat was still up and running and we felt like we had the beaches and back lanes to ourselves. That said, have been there after Labor Day before...
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    Chartering for our first cruise in the Caribbean

    A second (fourth? fifth?) the recommendations for BVI, but if you're really looking for solitude, another possibility to consider is flying into and chartering from St. Thomas, and heading west to Culebra. Ensanada Honda, Cayo Norte and Culebrita are all gorgeous, there are some of the best...
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    Should I Buy a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1?

    This feels like, "I really like my older Porsche, I'd like to buy a new one but there's an 18-month wait, so should I buy a Camry instead?" YMMV but if it were me and I had your experience of boat ownership, no, I would not. Spring 2023 is already a year away, so a one-year wait for a boat...
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    Crossing Atlantic in 3' boat?

    There's a very Seven Minute Abs feel about this whole thing. I can't wait 'til another guy tries it in a 2'11" boat.
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    Show me your blue boats!

    Bull, was very jealous when I saw that post that you had a friendly fellow sailor with a drone! I've tried to figure out whether/how to make it worthwhile to get someone to take some nice sailing photos of Pinniped but haven't gotten there yet.
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    83 yr old, SF to Osaka solo

    4.7 knots - nice! Looks like he and the boat were both ready to be done by the end of it.
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    Need more space add a room

    I actually kind of like it! It's a floating version of a busted old pickup with a camper shell on it. I'd certainly never be seen within 1,000 feet of it, but I bet the owner's got some stories.
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    Show me your blue boats!

    Now launched in her new livery. Still waiting on a new stack pack that matches the rest of the canvas, but we certainly didn't want to wait to splash her for that.
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    Hanse motorized rudder: do we like this idea?

    I wouldn't want it on my boat: terrible for longer-range cruising, plus all the maintenance issues people have already mentioned. But if I managed a SailTime fleet, I could see its appeal, in terms of maneuverability in tight quarters, a lot less expected day-to-day maintenance over the first...
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    83 yr old, SF to Osaka solo

    What’s “fire up the iron jib” in Japanese?
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    Show me your blue boats!

    Fantastic color. We spent a long time debating over Petrol Blue - but the pictures we saw online made it look almost teal. I love how it looks on your boat. And sweet lift setup, btw.
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    Show me your blue boats!

    When I get older and wiser I hope I grow the cojones to go sails up, hatch open, but I just look at that and shudder right now.
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    Show me your blue boats!

    Cruisin, I'd be remiss if I failed to say thank you for the back-and-forth a couple of years back about yards in Maine (and the Cape).  I reached out to a bunch of them, and will probably end having Pinniped over-winter in Maine in a year or two to get her spars repainted, and though it wasn't...