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    Permits to go Sailing

    You live in a third world shithole. You need to bribe their boss and be nice. Or move. What can I say?
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    Are we finally done with the Russians?

    If and when Russia invades, what will the impact of true comprehensive sanctions be? Is it possible those pigs will have to take their TP-52 money back to Moscow?
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    Buy a drink for the US Coast Guard

    Cool story bro, but where’s the USCG documentation on the new boat, that we applied for last yr?
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    mound of the hound

    Umm so why dont the rest of the fast PHRF boats just race in ORR or ORC class, leaving him as the only competitor in his class?
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    The Tarnishing of the Annapolis Yacht Club - Commodore Hartman Needs to Resign

    Didn’t you get kicked off your boat last year for spouting off about your skipper on SA?
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    mound of the hound

    That’s dumb and would only reward consistently poor teams. 
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    Dufus from the Front Page

    No one is buying it for this purpose.
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    Adjusting the polars for waves

    For waves aft, and above 15kts, shouldnt you adjust to something like 110%, since you’ll be surfing?
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    J/105 Sparcraft mast replacing Hall

    This is why I love racing “one design”.
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    Dive Boat Conception deaths - more details

    You do realize almost all those pilots have long since retired? Experience from 50 yrs ago mate.
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    Dive Boat Conception deaths - more details

    Except that even if you paid for the extra sensor, it still didn’t fix MCAS, because MCAS would only take  data from one of them!    All the extra sensor did was let the pilot know your air data was wrong, as you struggled to keep MCAS from driving the plane i to the ground. You can’t make...
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    Dive Boat Conception deaths - more details

    Budget aircraft manufacturer didn’t even fucking tell the airlines they had added a murder box that would decide to kill you if you didn’t guess the exact right sequence of otherwise irrational steps, before you hit the ground.