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    Hobie 14

    F16 can be sailed and raced solo with main plus gennaker setup . Or two up with jib.
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    First Sailboat

    Don’t restrict yourself with Hobie Wave. There is Mystere 4.3 catamaran sometimes popping up for sale, it’s in same small cat category as Wave, however with greater rig variation allowing to grow up into real boats category (it can be sailed with main only or as a sloop with gennaker) And Nacra...
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    First Sailboat

    Hobie Wave is easy to right in any conditions. It is also hard to capsize in any conditions. Just make sure you stay with the boat. It will float on its side faster than you can swim if there is any wind.
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    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Nah. The boat has made its job already. My wife adores her “Sunbanny”. She is competitive and experienced long distance paddler and always regarded sailboaters as entitled pricks. Somewhat justifiably. :) Anyway, i told her about Rocket, and how easy it would be to set it up and launch it on her...
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    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Have you actually raced Rocket against Sunfish around a race course with time taken? I really want to see the data. Because in my fleet nobody races Sunfish and slowest boat is 420. 420 rated very close to Sunfish. I can not beat 420 in Rocket. being last boat around a race course is not fun...
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    XCat Catamaran?

    I don’t want to highjack the thread. But my inflatable was designed as a beach cruising boat and it excels at it. I can load enough provision on it to sustain a month long expedition, I can run it straight onto a rocky shore. I don’t need a trailer or a towing vehicle to get in or out. And I...
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    XCat Catamaran?

    Depends on your definition of shitty. The boat on the pic finished 2 EC. I can keep up with Lasers. Not as fast as true beach cats, but no worse than Hobie Wave. Points higher. Lighter too. And I can travel with it on airplane and store under my bed. And yes, it will sail circles around...
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    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    In my experience in light winds of Chesapeake bay Rocket has no chance against Laser.
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    Everglades Challenge 2022
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    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    I had exactly this setup on my Everglades Challenge boat.(not a Rocket). I didn’t like it. Tried couple of times and dropped it all together. Too much hassle. An extra part to curry, needs place to store the tiller etc. On my EC boat I wrapped Velcro soft part around the tiller extension and...
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    Fast 1 Person Dinghy

    Hi, Foredeck Shuffle! if you get A-cat, you can keep it at my place, its only two miles up the creek from the club. I wrestle same thoughts as you do. Should I get a Buccaneer and depend on wife's schedule to race the only sizable one design class in the area? Race what I have already? Get a...
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    Everglades Challenge 2022

    Just do the Ulimate Florida Challenge to get the Gator tooth. It’s how I got two. I agree with MisterMoon with finishing in 4-5 days. There is sizable welcoming committee already, so no need to source a cold beer, and there are two-three days left to unwind, catch up with friends and just enjoy...
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    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    I have been asked how I store Rockets. I built 4 ft by f ft square stands out of lumber. For and aft bars have shallow V- shape and covered with the boat carpet. Side bars are lower so i can slip wheels over the front cradle and leave wheels attached.  The boat sits on the stand fully rigged...
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    Looking for a sailing dinghy less than 200lbs

    Rocket is a sweet boat. i know, i have one. However, it will be significant step down from windsurfing experience. I, while still approaching 60th mark, would suggest Weta, if 60 is hard, or an older non-foiling A-cat, if past 60 still feels ok.
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    Liteboat xp20

    The boat was in 2021 Everglades Challenge. Team Higgins and Yde35. It was pretty rough weather. They were in the leading pack (3-5, 2nd in the class) boat up until 20 miles from the finish, when they broke the mast. Finished under oars. It took them day and a half to row last 20 miles into SCA...

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