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    GUNBOAT USA Factory Opens Its Doors

    That's the old Davis building. Congrats. Welcome to NC!
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    Tybee 500 Dead?

    It will be interesting to see if the cancellation of the 2011 Tybee will increase the number of entries in this year's GT300.
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    2010 U S Mutlhull Championship Coverage

    On the C2, JC hands down. He's racked up some serious hours on that boat in the past week.
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    Team Velocity Sailing LIVE video streaming Tybee 500

    Haha, pretty much. Great job on the story and Tad, thanks for pulling double duty as media man and ground crew. Hope this can be an OTW event again next year.
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    Team Velocity Sailing LIVE video streaming Tybee 500

    Where's the front page story on SA? The article in the local Savannah News: Savannah Morning Herald
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    Worrell 1000 site updated

    Settle down Sam. You've got a lot to learn in regards to handling the old "Outer Banks left hook" known as Tawd.
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    Tybee 500 - Pick your Horse

    We polished off some rum last night. When's Clean getting into town?
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    Tybee 500 - Pick your Horse

    Mischa on the F-18 Lunch Trey on the 20, with Livingston & the Sonnenklars boats very close behind I also predict Todd and Tad will end up on the same boat while becoming best friends after dancing on tables at Taverna Opa together.
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    Spring Fever - Easter Weekend

    See ya this weekend.
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    Tybee 500 and other races

    With coverage like this, there may be more than 20 teams this year.
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    Tybee 500 and other races

    I hope that the two of you are side by side every morning on the beach so I can consolidate my daily badgerings.
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    Tybee 500 and other races

    This thread has turned into the Tad Hart Show. :unsure:
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    Shut Up and Drive

    When I said pinch I meant the boat, not my ass you idiots.
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    F18 worlds

    Good stuff on Cammas' site, thanks. Don't know why sailtv doesn't have anything this year.