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    Static sheave box

    I'm looking to install a fraction kite halyard in a rotating mast on a 30' racing trimaran. (1000kg boat weight, I=10m,J=6m, 8mm halyard, 700kg rated clutch) Colligo have recently release a friction ring style halyard exit box, anyone got any experience of these, good bad or indifferent? ...
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    Wind Instruments for rotating mast

    Unfortunately no to both questions, NMEA doesn’t have/support a standard sentence for mast rotation angle, hence all corrections have to be done off the bus, either through a processor (H5000) or some other proprietary black box (LCJ, Openwind)
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    Dagger Jams

    Theres a few turismos around here, I'll ask if that shelf is standard...
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    Dagger Jams

    The daggerboard is only really "supported" in 4 places, the top of the hull, the bottom, and at those two shelves that tie into the case. the rest of the case will be a thin skin that effectvily just keeps water out. You could open up an access panel in those skins relativly easily. My guess is...
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    Block load paths

    That was my first thought as well, but the block without becket has the same load capacity, making me think it’s the shackle and pin that’s the weak link. Looking at the Lewmar block the becket is on the same straps as the sheave, hence the question. I will ask Lewmar, but it’s a holiday...
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    Masthead wind sensors/transducers?

    As i understand it, LCJ have the patents and basically are a step ahead of the rest of the market. Calypso instruments do a mini version, wired and wireless, and maretron have an option as well 
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    Masthead wind sensors/transducers?

    Davis Instruments, I've seen their sensors reworked a few tims into different brands, but there is usually a little more customisiation gone on than with the Airmar gear
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    Block load paths

    Say you've got a single block with a becket thats rated (SWL) to 1100kg. (Lewmar PBB60 for example) Would you expect to be able to put that 1100kg load solely through the becket?
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    New Kiwi sailing forum...

    Couldn't agree more
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    New Kiwi sailing forum...

    Crew spawned its own PA threads, the new owners couldn’t stomach the toxic shit slinging (which is understandable) but took the step of flicking those they didn’t agree with politically ( and the nutters just there to troll)  The nzsailing gang are right of centre to say the least, and I think...
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    where in the world

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    B&G H5000 Graphical Display

    According to the B&G website, the display can/does act as a standard N2K display picking up whatever is on the network, so if the vulcan is transmitting the information then the display should be able to pick it up
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    OpenWind - solar powered wireless anemometer

    There’s a couple in the nz 8.5 multihull fleet. I’ve got one with the nmea interface, 11.5m mast, works fine sending mast rotation corrected awa and aws to the network. I’ve got a b&g z100 gps, and triton 41 displays, so they will calculate tws and twd. Took a bit of playing around with the...
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    Another RS Aero mystery: 3/4" chrome plated pin found rolling in the cockpit or my Aero

    Looks like a pin that is normally secured with a grub screw....
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    30-40 feet Cat for weekends in the archipelago?

    I read that as 5kts of boat speed, but only 2.5kts VMG?!