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    Pics That Get You...

    Great day trimming one of the jibs in 20-25 knots. Capri, Italy
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    Scottish series

    Great to hear it’s going ahead. I did 4 Scottish Series back in the noughties. Great event and a really good opener to the sailing season.  The weather tended to be tricky. I remember a big park up outside Tarbert when the Gourock and Bangor feeder races all parked up within sight of the line. ...
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    Barn Find I sailed on her once as Mariners Cove when she was in Ireland. Did a race from Kinsale to the Daunt Rock off Cork Harbour in blazing sunshine, shorts and T-shirts. A rare day in Ireland. Great big race cockpit but she was getting a bit tired then and...
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    Maritime Art Anarchy

    I have this set of three prints in my kitchen. I bought them in a regular gift shop and I love the detail in them.  The artist seems to be De Keyser or something like that. 
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    Sailors Powerboat

    I overtook Molly Bán at Mizen Head on the south coast of Ireland back in July. I was cruising at 13 knots and it took me ages to pass her. I think she was cruising at around 11 or 12 knots. It is owned by a well known classic boat guy called Hal Sisk. He had her in Kilrush to oversee the...
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    Sailors Powerboat

    I haven’t seen a Broom on this thread. Great boat with superb accommodation. This is my boat out cruising on the Atlantic coast of SW Ireland last July. I’ve raced and cruised all sorts over the years but I’d rather cruise a motorboat nowadays as time is a bit limited. 
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    What's your favorite bit of sailing tech?

    A lap of Goose Island and a blowy southwesterly was always fun to watch. 
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    What's your favorite bit of sailing tech?

    Novasail NS Start. Great for pinging the start line. 
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    Had a beer with Marieke and her crew two years ago while cruising the Southwest Coast of Ireland. Very cool and talented lady. She travels around doing concerts on the back of her boat. The piano lifts on hydraulics from the aft cabin onto the aft deck.  I think she is in Scotland this summer...
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    Sailing Bucket List

    Transatlantic, maybe shorthanded or even singlehanded  Atlantic circuit Cross the Pacific with a stop at Easter Island  Bring my SB20 to Lake Garda for a Worlds/Euros Sail a J Class - sailed a regatta on a 140ft schooner and it was epic Transpac on something quick
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    Eight bells for the man who proved that America was discovered by a Kerryman

    Sad to hear of his passing. I only heard recently that he spent his recent years boating on Lough Ree 
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    ePropulsion and Torqeedo experiences

    I recently got my hands on a Torqeedo Travel 801. A friends dad had it lying in his garage for 8 years. I tried charging it but it wouldn’t take a charge.  Has anyone bought new battery cells online and replaced them? 
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    Bene 44.7. Any available ? (Great Lakes/North East Coast)

    I raced a 44.7 around 15 years ago, mainly offshore. It was a popular boat in Australia/NZ back then and had good results offshore. We found it very tender in any breeze over 14-16 knots. We were reefing the main at 18 knots and going to a number 3 jib. I certainly didn’t perform offshore like...
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    Corby 29 vs j35

    CorkTom,  Sunburn in Howth has just come on the market.
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    Corby 29 vs j35

    Sunfast 32 for sale here.. new Raymarine kit and recent North sails i used to race one back about 15-20 years ago. They are a great boat, well balanced and well kitted out.