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    Any hear from DA WOODY

    Not a problem sailing. It is a bitch trying to bottom fish in 65 fathoms though .
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    TdF 2022

    WFD, Danish bike fans ! Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and well-behaved. I hope the obnoxious, drunken, attention whoring slobs, lining the roads for the next stages were taking notes.
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    Hunter S Thompson

    And every one of them boys read Voltaire . . .
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    Innocent Bystander needs our help

    What ?
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    Innocent Bystander needs our help

    Hey, it's Moe ! Whoopwhoopwhoopwhoopwhoop . . . Have a fast safe trip to Bermuda.
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    LONQR 2

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    Hunter S Thompson

    I still always inflate my tires to 100 PSI every time I drive to Vegas
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    2022 Hurricane Season

    Wait. WTF. . . I thought it was American red snapper season. This meteorological aggression will not stand, man
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    Walking in Wales - The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

    Oh sure  . . . It's all fun and games until the pack of wild Corgies attack.
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    Patek Phillipe, or Rolex?

    1. Retire 2. Throw watch away. 
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    I never said all the things I said Yogi Berra
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    Happy Earth Day!

    I think we should graduate more scientists and engineers, and fewer Pearl clutching liberal arts majors
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    2022 Fishing Thread

    I heard they were a hundred and sixty miles out when they caught that big boy. 
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    2022 Fishing Thread

    That's one big piece of sashimi.  I've got a trip coming up in a couple of weeks. I'd like to catch a couple about 1/10th that size. That would be perfect
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    Daryle Lamonica DTS

    When Fred played at FSU, my dad shot the 16mm game/practice film for the team. He introduced me to Fred, who then taught me how to catch a football . "Always have your thumbs pointed towards each other when you catch the ball. Never try to catch it like a basket with your thumbs pointing away...