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    Horizon bound again

    @karstI've got a listing on a Schionning Waterline 1480 in Fiji if you're interested.  Email me for specs, photos, etc
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    Gunboat, Man O War ?

    I think @Soma was the project manager on that one.
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    Slip Sized Catamarans

    One of the nicest slip sized catamaran (I call them "pocket cats") I've ever encountered was the TomCat 9.7 or 970.  Decent accommodations, nice build quality, and good performance as a coastal cruiser.
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    Gunboat 72V

    Se7en_speed hit the nail on the head.  It's is much more difficult to scale down in size than it is to scale up while still retaining profit margins.  A smaller boat requires basically all the same equipment as a larger model so the only real cost savings are in labor hours.  In order to reduce...
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    Harken Winch Question

    Yup, apparently the winch guru at Harken is on vacation this week.  I was hoping y’all might have some insight while I wait to call back on Monday.
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    Harken Winch Question

    I have two Harken 60 3-speed winches installed at the helm.  One of my winches will no longer accept a winch handle while the winch is under load, although it will while unloaded.  The other winch still works normally.  We use halyard locks so we often do the last bit of trimming manually and it...