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    The big dogs come out to play. Solent J class regatta

    I had the pleasure of doing race committee work when Ranger and Velsheda were in Newport for the Bucket last summer. They had a practice race although the full event was canceled due to Hurricane Irene and certainly went at each other. I was on mark set, so I could follow them for a good portion...
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    Issues with college sailing in the US

    I also sail in the MCSA and we have well over 50 people on our team. Out of any given freshman class we take, maybe 4 (maybe) have competitive sailing experience. And a good 50% have never stepped on a boat before. The top crews from this year's senior class had no racing experience and most of...
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    Chicago Area III

    Can someone explain to me why it's been foggy every damn day I've wanted to practice in the last few weeks?
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    College Sailing Semi Finals

    Crew blew out her knee early on day 2 and they didn't have a sub. Based on regatta participation, we have the third most teams (after NEISA and MAISA). You think other districts should get more than we have? Get more teams sailing there.
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    Strickly Sail - Chicago - who's going?

    Very true. I know people on my team were impressed with how many people stopped by and told us stories of their times sailing in college and bought a shirt to support ours. This kind of generosity keeps us all enjoying the sport we love and encourages us to think about those that will follow in...
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    Strickly Sail - Chicago - who's going?

    Yeah, I think we'll have at least some shirts for sale. Not sure how much or if we'll have other stuff (hats maybe?) but it's possible.
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    Strickly Sail - Chicago - who's going?

    I'll be there at the Northwestern Sailing Team booth from 3-5p on Friday. You're welcome to stop by and keep me company Saturday is college sailing meetings upstairs all day
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    Main Trimmer

    I'd love to but I'm about 45 lbs shy and not sure if I'll be around next summer :( Good luck finding a body.
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    Would we be happier...

    You don't deserve to offer an opinion in this forum ever again.
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    Real College Football 2010

    Except by Iowa or Wisconsin...or Purdue again  :lol:
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    Shields Crew in Newport for Wed nights

    PMed you a few days back, not sure if you saw it.
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    4 great moths for sail for sub $10K!

    Kind of wish I had the money. I'm sure I would make time to sail one of the Newport ones during the year  :(
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    Vinyl Wrap

    I'm pretty sure cre843 is a user on here who does vinyl wraps on boats, so he'd probably be able to answer you.
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    Team Racing Event The 2nd half will likely be more applicable than the first for you right now, but the whole thing's worth a read.
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    are the marine police going overboard

    One of the other instructors who works with me was recently told by the coast guard that he needed a fire extinguisher on his 29er  :blink: