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    Trivial Obsession

    I so admire people like you Skippy. Age is no barrier. Happy to try ideas that may be a complete failure. You do it all with, it seems, a smile and great bravado. Well done.
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    Please help identify this RBBS competitor

    Well that was fun, while it lasted.
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    GGR 2022

    At least your wallabies are doing something useful, the Rugby Wallabies on the other hand ...
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    Older fast Aus multies

    That idiot, whose name escapes me, was always going to let Bullfrog rot away. Sad, very sad.
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    Australian Sailing

    What can ArSe do if a club doesn't enforce the ArSe Prescription to RRS 46 ? Suspend the club leads to no fees !!
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    Australian Sailing

    I will say this about GRS, he does read this stuff and often, in good humour participates. He is open with his contact details and invites contact. Sure I disagree with him about a lot of stuff but at least he man's up (or is that person's up) a lot of the time. I reckon he would like his...
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    Australian Sailing

    Do any of the clubs ever ask ArSe what benefits they are truly receiving for their member's money ? GRS has been very quiet, where is he?
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    SailGP Season 3 (2022/2023)

    Even though I am a Tom fan, the move was ok and you need to look at it in terms of the points of both the regatta and overall season
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    GGR 2022

    Tri, you are the man. Thank you for all your reports and observations.
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    Dear Mr. Sidecar

    Side, please do not go out and test the theory about 100 knot winds !!!
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    GGR 2022

    Great photos and information trisail. Thank you.
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    Hammo Race Week

    Wharro with a dog, just imagine !!!
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    SailGP Season 3 (2022/2023)

    Pearls before swine Smackers.
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    SailGP Season 3 (2022/2023)

    Oh boy, this one is going to hard for Smackers to write about.
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    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Isn't 11th Hour confirmed?