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    Seppo was a new one on me. According to the interwebs yank rhymes with septic tank, shortened to seppo...because we are full of shit 😂.
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    Intro to me and hopefully advice on a new dinghy

    I am also 6'4" 215 and have a Weta and a Sunfish (much like a rocket). I enjoy them both!
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    Seawind/Corsair Marine "accidentally" destroyed their C37 molds

    I'm glad people buy new boats, so there is eventually a used boat market, but I would never buy new, money aside. Too many stories like this. It shocks me that a company as well known as Corsair would wait months to inform a customer that they are not getting their boat, and then only at the...
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    Genoa Size Matters

    I think the SA/D of 17.4 is computed with a 100%, so he wouldn't be in peril of dropping to 15 unless he went smaller than that.
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    Glad to see New Zealand take it!
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    Should I Buy a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1?

    Sir, we only speculate here. Please keep actual experience out of the equation.
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    2 lithiums instead of 1? SOK batteries?

    This is a sometime in the future project for me. I have read that the steady draw from your alternator should be significantly less than it's rating - like< 50%. For those of you that have done this, is that true? I am also curious if there are any problems associated with having you shore...
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    2 lithiums instead of 1? SOK batteries?

    Which DC to DC charger are you going with?
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    2 lithiums instead of 1? SOK batteries?

    I will be interested to see what you come up with. SOK batteries come in metal cases and plastic cases (what they call marine grade). A quick search didn't show a 100 AH in a plastic box.
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I enjoy your channel. I like the voice over work and am a sucker for refits. Hope it takes off for you.
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    Gougeon 32 Roll Call

    I am glad that boat is on the other coast. After reading the write-up I have boat fever in a bad way! Beautiful boat Russell.
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    9 M Trimaran in Australia

    Gorgeous tri!
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    Pi on a Boat

    Very cool setup and good video! Thanks for putting it together.
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    I Want to Go Fast and Party Too (Maine Cat 22)

    Hey Patmo, Pretty sure I just saw your boat on Taylor's Creek in a BeauCoast commercial.  You are famous!
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    I didn't hear about this one.  Any info or links to share?