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    GPS jamming

    All the yachts I've been on recently have. Even the boat I chartered a couple of years ago in the Med had a basic but adequate set. I was surprised and impressed.
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    Fast 1 Person Dinghy

    I sailed a mates 700, I'm no trapeze artist or skiff specialist, but it wasn't that hard. Not saying I'd buy one. D1?
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    Yellow Stained Gelcoat (EU)

    Barkeepers Friend is very effective and easy to use. Wipe on, leave for 10 minutes, hose off. No rubbing or scrubbing. May not be the cheapest way to purchase the active ingredient.
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    New Beneteau First 36

    I thought that was a very reasoned and professional response up until that point. That could be read as, 'the market's cooking. We can flog crap to the mugs, fuck em.'
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    Spring Cleaning Cockpit Non Skid

    Barkeepers Friend another remarkably effective, low effort option
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    RS Toura?

    Didn't realise you had to be part of the RS fan club to post here. Sorry.
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    RS Toura?

    Another sailing school shitter. Nothing to see here. Move on please.
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    Setting up cruising boats for upwind performance

    I agree that cruising boats don't go up wind faster than hull speed. I don't think that hull speed is the defining number in windward progress for most cruising boats. I think most cruisers have a problem with tacking angle and leeway. It's amazing how many cruising boats zig zag about going...
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    I want all of these in the same boat. Is there any?

    Have a look at some of the small folding trailable tris. They're quite impressive.
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    Stupid question time  How do you fit 5 pieces to the wing and 5 to the hull and have them all line up perfectly when you put the wing on? What's the build trick?
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    Spinnaker pole end fittings - opinions on ones that lock open?

    I think it depends on the bowman. Personally I don't like the ones that lock open, but I understand why some do.
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    Coolboats to admire

    If she's been restored recently is she really that far gone or are we in that'll buff out territory? I'm not really into classic boats, but even I can see that should be beautiful.
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Roadtrip? It's been a while.
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    Florida Marina advice?

    Your crediting it with too much of the I
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    Amidships boarding ladders

    Most normal people would flip a dinghy climbing over the side. The agile may board over the stern with assistance. Try it yourself.