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    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    Her head is permanently there. That's the reason she posts so much shit - her head is blocking the customary outlet. On topic I'm more inclined to think the referendum is going to be a NO. When there are significant representative Aboriginal people against it, from all major Parties plus people...
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    I still call Australia home

    Some people have no sense of humour. No doubt that includes Meli when it comes to things like this. Everyone should just have addressed her as 'Your Muppetship' and moved on. FKT
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    I still call Australia home

    I don't think I need to add my own editorial comment... Pity that Meli can't comment on this. I'm sure she'd have some incisive defence of this sort of bullying...
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    Canadian Politics

    Send them back. Why should they escape the consequences of a shitty religious discrimination movement? FKT
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    Nope. He claims to have lived in Sydney at one point and I assure you, from what he's posted about that, he learned nothing at all. I admire your persistence but the reality is, what you're doing is like mud wrestling a pig. Both of you get filthy, but only one enjoys it. Mikey is in my ignore...
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    Food, fixes and notes from the casual coastal sailor.

    Yeah we've done that on 40m steel fishing trawlers. Cut out a big hole, extract engine, do what's needed then weld it all back up again. Generally there's a 'soft patch' intended for this, unlike on f/g boats, so structurally easier. And nobody cares at all about visible weld beads on fishing...
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    I still call Australia home

    She's never had a message, all she can manage is to C&P from other sites. Reflection and analysis, maybe not. And since I'm on her secret ignore list, she can't see this observation... FKT
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    $1 Irwin 30 - project photos

    All of that is true but I like my toys... FKT
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    I still call Australia home

    Meanwhile we see high quality and accountabiity from the Greens... Wonder who they'd put forward for a seat on the Voice, assuming it gets up? FKT
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    Food, fixes and notes from the casual coastal sailor.

    I watched a (relatively) young woman pull a Gardner 4LW engine from her recently purchased ex-fishing boat last week. She had help and advice, but it was her responsibility and she got it done. If you've ever seen a 4LW engine you'd know it's not like pulling a Yanmar 3GM or similar. Think...
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Yeah but - I kind of like Maya. In relatively small doses. I'd really, really HATE to be stuck on a small boat with her, though. Far too much fizz and bubble though might well not be like that IRL. Wouldn't take the chance. I do watch their vids, except the boat fettling ones. Those are just...
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    Putin is losing his war badly, so bad he threatened nukes. What should the response be if he does?

    I feel your pain - my boat is on the hard ATM and all the white paint needs sanding back and totally re-doing. Big time paint film failure. I am not happy about it. Fortunately the epoxy primer under it is fine. And I think (hah) I've finished the hot work, so when I repaint the deck I...
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    Putin and Ukraine

    That's pretty funny - 8 years for shooting the commisar, 10 years for not turning up for military service and sent off to get shot. Lemme see, what shall I do... Reminds me of a story I once read about one of the defunct Chinese Empires. They kept upping the penalties for offences so most...
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    Putin is losing his war badly, so bad he threatened nukes. What should the response be if he does?

    Agree with all of that. Meli is truly, profoundly stupid and totally unwilling to read & learn. She actually thinks that Israel should be disbanded and the land returned to the 'original owners' who in this case she says are the current day Palestinians. I told her at the time, blame the...